Working Holiday in Japan! Ep3 〜Finally coming the interview〜

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep2 〜Fill in Resume〜

Although the clothing request for the part-time interview is not as strict as the business interview, yet you still need to show yourself, namely, dressing clearly and lively!
Especially for the job in food-related work such as restaurant and convenience stores, the shop owner or manager will pay more attention to such aspect.

Then, at the beginning of the interview, you should hand in your resume.

The above are the questions which are often asked at interviews, through them to judge whether you are qualified for the job.

In addition, for the work like cashiers, you have to pass a test in arithmetic.
The first thing need to do is to confirm the work you are going to apply for and related information on the store and company!

To sum up,the questions which are often asked at the interview: ①Japanese ability
②when and why come to Japan?
③ how long can you work?
④development direction
⑤expected industry
⑥when can you start work, how many days can you come to work in a week, and what time can you start?
⑦ commuting ways, commuting time
⑧ for the shops where foreign tourists often come to, the store will also pay more attention to your native language or English.

In the final question session, you'd better to confirm the following points:
① work content
② hourly wage or daily wage
③ the way of shift
④ training
⑤ board expenses(for the work in restaurant), transportation

Come on, everyone!

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep4 〜Working in a Restaurant〜