Mediocre girls VS Excellent girls! How to spend their rest days? Which sort do you belong to?

Loved by everyone, masculine and feminine, happy and joyful, have you find such girls around you? On the contrary, there are also some girls people can't feel their own charm. Next we will compare the ways in which these two groups of girls spend their rest days. Which group do you belong to?

Taking advantage of tomorrow's holiday, drinking all the night, and sleeping late in the morning. You should know, excessive drinking would weaken the metabolism of human being, skin will become rough, and will go against the beauty. If such life lasts, the future will be screwed up.

Always think about the unpleasant things that happened this week, and these things are related to jealousy and resentment, and also one of the root of stress. If you want to be comfortable, don't think about these things anymore.

Because there is no boyfriend to go out, then wearing pajamas, hunkered down at home, keep close at home. Eating, tossing and turning, eating...repeatedly, the gap to the excellent girl is getting bigger and bigger. A rare rest day is also like beating a dead horse.

Browse the SNS which have no time to look at ordinary times. When come back to earth, it has taken a lot of time, and feeling depressed. So it's better to care about the reality in front of you on rest days.

Just because it is the end of busy working days, the weekend shall be the detoxifying days. On the day off, it is necessary to get up early and go jogging or do yoga, take a bath, or make healthy meals. This is the secret to maintain beauty.

Excellent girls know how to live a good life well. Explore themselves, relax their mind and body, accumulate experience, travel alone. The girls who are able to act independently and who have a rich understanding of each place are very attractive!

Women who develop interest and acquire knowledge on weekends are usually those who can actively improve themselves.

If want to be a girl who can do well in her job, the tasks and schedule for next week shall be made on the weekends. Only in this way can prevent restlessness and making careless mistakes.

How to spend the rest day is important for beauty and health as well as career. Which sort of rest day are you spending now? And which sort of rest day do you want to spend next? In order to make yourself more bright and charming every day, please refer to this article!

Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.

We have introduced to you the different rest days of Miki (29 years old), Shiho (28 years old), who are one step to the outstanding girls, as well as Moteko (32 years old) who is very excellent. In the future, Beautymatome will continue to learn from Moteko how to become a good woman, so stay tuned!


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