【Greeting Culture in New Year's Holiday】

Greeting cultures are very popular overseas, in Japan, there are also some cultures of sending letters (postcards). With the changes of season, there are summer greetings and winter greetings in Japan, among them, the most necessary and important greeting is the "Greeting Cards".

Greeting cards are the greeting letters that shall be sent in mid-December and delivered on New Year's Day. But nowadays it is completely a world of personal computers (PCs) and smart phones, and the greetings are mainly sent by SMS(short message service) or SNS.

And now various simulated cultures have been gradually eliminated, the number of greeting cards are decreasing year by year. But just in such era, we should pay more attention to the simulated culture that gives people a sense of warmth.

In Yukobow Illustration , there are many greeting cards designed by Yuko sold every year.

Greeting cards are just the essence of the simulated culture which adopts typography, such printed cards with unique concave and convex feeling can certainly be deeply imprinted in the recipient's heart.

Typography is one of the world's three major inventions, even in modern times, it is also very active as a printing technology.

The Yuko's greeting cards are just like this, the frame of Yuko, who is very familiar with the trend of the season, is happily performing New Year's writing, and the lucky words and the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of this year written by different calligraphers.

The lucky word in 2019 is "缘"(fate), the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches are "亥"(the last of the Twelve Earthly Branches). "缘" means the relationship among the people, and the word of "缘" printed in gold contains the meaning of "wish you have a good fate in your life".

If you receive such a greeting card, there will be good things happening around you.

If you also want to buy a greeting card designed by Yuko, it is an honor for yuko. Pray a good year for everyone in 2019.

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