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Personal Taxi

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Dec 30 ,2019 AD

Hot spot information for Tenjin, Fukuoka; For a taste of Hong Kong style Chinoiserie cuisine; Seikeitsai NOODLE & CHINOIS

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Dec 30 ,2019

Let's send the "Greeting Cards" to close friends and colleagues !

When speak of Japan's New Year, it means not only the Osechi Rypuri, Hatsumoude, Lucky Money…but also the Greeting Cards !
The "Greeting Cards" refer to the postcard sent to the important person at the beginning of new year.
Its history can be traced back to the Heian era (about 1,200 years ago), even the current SNS has become the mainstream in Japan, the "Greeting Cards" are still accepted by most people as the New Year's culture.
Let's try to send the "Greeting Cards" !

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Dec 28 ,2019

New year celebration customs in Japan; "Kagami mochi".

Just what is the purpose of this thing that looks like a snowman that you often find in supermarkets and stores around the end of the year?

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Dec 28 ,2019 SERIES

【episode 14】The Greatest Fault

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Dec 27 ,2019

Kotatsu -- The Only Way to Stay Comfy in the Winter!

One of indispensable appliances in Japanese winter, that is …Kotatsu !

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Dec 26 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : December - Toshikoshi Soba [ Japan Culture Project ]

From around the middle of the Edo period, it became customary in the city of Edo to eat soba on the last day of every month and on Setsubun. That led to the present-day custom of eating toshikoshi soba on New Year's Eve. It can be easily eaten during the busy night of New Year's Eve with wishes for a long and fulfilling life.

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Dec 26 ,2019

What shall we prepare prior to the Japanese New Year's holidays?

It will be the end of year.
In order to welcome the year of 2018 cheerfully, let me tell you what to prepare for the New Year.

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Dec 25 ,2019 SERIES

Merry Cozy Christmas to All !

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Dec 24 ,2019

Happy Merry Merry Christmas!!

Tomorrow is Christmas!
It is a Christmas greeting card from Manga de Japan.

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Demons and ghosts

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