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To Borrow A Cat’s Paw

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Nov 21 ,2019

【Comic】Even Americans Are Shocked by Japan's Strange Culture【Culture Shock】

On the net, differences between one's country and other countries are often compared, but Japan is often compared with America. This is because Japanese culture and personality are almost ""completely contrary"" to American.
Let's learn something about the strange culture of Japan together with today's character, American student “Amy”

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Nov 20 ,2019

Small Omotenashi - Oshibori

Do you know oshibori?
To put it simply, oshibori is a mini-towel provided to customers mainly in restaurants. Before enjoying the delicious food, wipe your hands with it and then you can say "Itadakimasu". This is very common in Japan.
In addition, when you finally arrived at the inn for that night after a long, happy journey, a warm oshibori provided by the landlady would make you relax; or when you finished haircutting at a beauty salon, you could wipe your face with an oshibori given by the salon to refresh yourself after sitting for too long. Oshibori is not only a small hospitality offered by the shop side, but also an item that softens customers' hearts.

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Do you know about the 7 Autumn flowers? Even most Japanese people don’t know everything about them!

As autumn’s chills continue to get colder, the time to warm up with a nice bowl of rice porridge is drawing near.

In Japan, it’s tradition to eat a mix of 7 spring herbs on the 7th of January in a ritual meant to ward off illness and bad luck, but did you know autumn has 7 plants too? Unlike their spring counterparts that ward of illness, these 7 are meant to be enjoyed by looking at them.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce these 7 wonderful flowers!

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Notification of the previous day

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Nov 15 ,2019 SERIES

Maternity Mark

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Nov 15 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : November - Sekihan [ Japan Culture Project ]

Since the old days, people have been celebrating "Kamioki" when a child turns 3, "Hakamagi" when a boy turns 5, "Obitoki" when a girl turns 7, expressing gratitude for their children's growth.

[ Event ]
Shichi-Go-San / November 15th

[ Ingredients ]
Red beans, Sticky rice

[ Wishing plate ]
Made to celebrate and with feelings of gratitude for children's growth.

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Nov 11 ,2019 SERIES

A way to resurrect

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Nov 09 ,2019

[Report manga] Scorpion, Locust and Goat's OO!? I Tried a Japanese Delicacy Called "Getemono"

The meat you eat in your daily life, such as chicken, pork and beef is common ingredients. But what if they become "crocodiles, goats, rabbits"? In Japan, the food people don't eat but can actually be eaten is called Getemono. It has an eye-popping appearance but is good for health, and is getting more and more attention around the world. This time, I went to "Kome to Circus", an izakaya located in Takadanobaba, Tokyo, to taste this famous "Getemono" of "Japan", the world's far east country!

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Nov 08 ,2019


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Nov 07 ,2019

Konnyaku 4-Frame Manga Daily Lives of Mr. Konnyaku - Part ②

・What is oden?
Oden is a boiled dish originated in Japan.
Various ingredients including konjac are
added into dashi, the soup stock made of
kombu and katsuobushi, and boiled for a long time.
Oden's ingredients and tare sauce are
different according to areas and families.

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