Nov 06 ,2019

Special Episode: The secret of samurais that are loved despite having no form

When Japan is mentioned, there are probably many people who will immediately imagen a "samurai".

Due to modern laws, it's no longer possible to see a samurai walking around with a katana and topnot.
Many sports teams though, such as Japan's soccer team "Samurai Blue", and Japan's baseball team "Samurai Japan", carry the name of "samurai", and stand as a symbol for the Japanese who compete through sports.
These athletes continue to cary on the samurai's way of thinking and behaving.

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Nov 06 ,2019 SERIES

Grants your wish for pure skin! Close care with White Aqua's Medicated Skin Whitening Cream

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Nov 04 ,2019 SERIES

The real mother as she is

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Nov 01 ,2019 SERIES

Falling Cherry Blossoms

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Oct 31 ,2019 SERIES

Halloween in Japan

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Oct 31 ,2019

So Fun to Turn the Crank! Three Unique Gacha Gacha in Japan!

As many of you know, gacha gacha (gachapon) is a type of small vending machine. If you put a coin into it and turn the crank, a capsule with a toy in it comes out. Many people are keen on the excitement that they don't know beforehand what will come out...

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Oct 30 ,2019 AD

Hot spot information for Tenjin, Fukuoka; The first rice flour churro speciality shop in Kyushu! "Danny Churros"

Rice flour Churro speciality store ""Danny Churros"" opened its door in the heart of Tenjin, Fukuoka in November 2018.

Danny Churros is a rice flour churro speciality store, a rarity in Japan. The churros are made using domestic rice flour.

The churros are only made once they are ordered, so you can always enjoy them freshly fried.

Since all churros are made as they are ordered you can always enjoy them freshly fried! None of them are pre-made!

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Oct 30 ,2019

"A Must-see For Yamato Nadeshiko Lovers! What Does Japan Women's National Football Team - ""Nadeshiko Japan"" mean?"

Hello, everyone. Do you know what "Yamato Nadeshiko" is?

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Oct 28 ,2019 SERIES

Falling over one another

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Oct 26 ,2019

Cool Japan! Something About Otagei

With the cyalume shining at the dark and the popular song flowing behind, cool light trails are performed along with the song…
Have you heard of wotagei? It is said to be dated from 1970s. At that time, the "Guards" (ardent fans groups) cheered (or chanted) along with music to show their support to their idols. And wotagei is said to be exactly evolved from this. Around 2000, the supporting arts, such as cheering for idols, were established with the name "Idol Otaku Art" = "Otagei". In addition, the act of holding a pen cyalume while performing is distinguishable from "otagei" by being called "wotagei".

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Oct 25 ,2019 SERIES


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Oct 24 ,2019

Five Ways to Enjoy Halloween in Japan!

"Halloween, an indispensable part of autumn, is a celebration that celebrates the fall harvest, commemorate ancestors and drive away the evil spirits. But do you know that Halloween culture is rooted even in Japan far away from Europe?
This time, for those who spend Halloween in Japan or who are interested in Halloween in Japan, I would like to introduce five ways to enjoy Halloween in Japan!"

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