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What is Stable Hydroquinone?

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Bold newcomer

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Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : October - Bettarazuke, Ebisu-kou [ Japan Culture Project ]

In merchant families, they often pray for prosperous business, and worship Ebisu.

[ Event ]
Ebisuko Bettara-shi / October 20 - 22

[ Ingredients ]

[ Wishing plate ]
A pickled vegetable dish made with daikon, which is harvested in autumn.

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Oct 17 ,2019

Completely Opposite! Differences Between Japanese and Americans [7 Differences]

"When coming to differences between foreign countries and Japan, people often compare ""America"" with Japan
Take a close look and you will be shocked by the fact that Japan and America are really ""completely opposite"". This time, I'm going to introduce you 7 things totally different between Japan and America"

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Fureaikoen Park

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Oct 12 ,2019

Special Episode:If you come to Japan, this! 4 recommended Japan souvenirs.

Purchasing souvenirs(omiyage) is one thing quite a bit of people probably look forwared to doing on a trip.
When you buy souvenirs, you can remenice on your trip even after you get home, as well as use it to start conversations with those around you! We would like to introduce you to 4 recommended souvenirs to purchase when you visit Japan.

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Snowball Fight

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Even the Japanese Don't Know!? Methods and Types of Watoji ~Part2~

It is a bookbinding method which forms a pattern looking like the Japanese pattern “Asanoha” (hemp leaf).
“Asanohagara” (hemp leaf pattern) is a geometric pattern based on the regular hexagon from ancient times in Japan. It is so named for its shape similar to a hemp leaf.
In the past, there was a custom in Japan to make a newborn baby swaddled in the cloth with hemp leaf patterns. During the old days when the mortality was quite high, this pattern conveyed people’s desire to raise healthy children and sweep away ill fortune.
It may be more like a kind of decoration when used in the process of bookbinding, but I, the writer of this article, like its cute look very much.

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Oct 09 ,2019

Take the First Step! Try Joining a Circle in Doujin Events!

Now everyone has heard of doujinshi. A new work created by favorite artist, or a re-creation work of favorite work...For those otaku, doujinshi is nothing short of their spiritual food that makes otaku activities colorful.
This time I'd like to introduce you the "creators" behind those attractive doujinshi.

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Oct 08 ,2019 SERIES

Even the Japanese Don't Know!? Methods and Types of Watoji ~part1~

Watoji (Japanese bookbinding) was originally introduced into
Japan from China in the early Heian period, and gradually
formed its Japanese characteristic. Nowadays, there's very little
chance to see watoji, right?
Here I would like to explain some methods and types
of watoji that even the Japanese don't know.

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