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The Birth of Nanakon

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Sep 17 ,2019 AD

【Things to do in Tenjin, Fukuoka】FRED

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Open the lid

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Sep 16 ,2019

My Experience of Watching Underground Idols Live Performance (Second Part)

(The synopsis of the first part)
A girl who I know seemed to
have become an underground idol.
So I, adachi, went to watch
her live performance with my friend matsutake.
However, the two people seemed to be
overwhelmed by the unique atmosphere there.

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Sep 14 ,2019 SERIES

A Magnificent and Gorgeous Festival! Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

Do you know the festival “Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri” held in Osaka?

Danjiri Matsuri boasts a culture and history of about 300 years, and is held in Kishiwada in southern Osaka. It is said to have its origin in Inari-Sai (Festival of the Grain God), which had been held to pray for a rich harvest of grain. It is one of the most famous festivals in Japan, with its performance full of excellent speed and power attracting tens of thousands visitors come to Kishiwada every year!

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Sep 13 ,2019

:: YOSHITOMO NARA :: Neo-pop Artist ::

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Sep 12 ,2019

Beautiful Japanese Style Architecture – Washitsu

We'd like to introduce something about ""washitsu"" this time.
Well, a washitsu is a room unique to a traditional Japanese house. So there is another term for it called nihonma. Today, a Japanese style rooms is also called a washitsu, but it basically refers to a room with tatami mats.

Speaking of washitsu, we should have to mention tatami.

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Sep 11 ,2019 AD

【AMPLEUR Luxury White】Try to use the whole set!

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Sep 09 ,2019 SERIES

Results of scribble

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Sep 07 ,2019

The right yukata for the right time! How to coordinate your yukata, hairstyle and obi!

Summer in Japan means; yukata season!
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when buying or renting a yukata?
So many designs, colors, patterns, not to mention picking the right hairdo, shoes and accessories... how to make the right choices?

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