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Aug 21 ,2019

Easily Make it at Home! How to Make "Warabimochi", a Japanese Snack

Do you know Warabimochi? Warabimochi is a soft and sweet Japanese confectionery with a jelly-like texture. It has a refreshing look and is the best summer Japanese confectionery when matched with Kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour) and brown sugar syrup.

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Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : August - Buddhist Cuisine [ Japan Culture Project ]

Obon festival is a religious ceremony to welcome the ancestors and their spirits as they return to their homes during the festival time.

[ Event ]
Obon(Bon Festival) / Depending on provinces, July 15th (New Bon) on the new calendar or August 15th (Tsukiokure Bon).

[ Ingredients ]
Summer vegetables(cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin etc.)

[ Wishing plate ]
Cuisine without any meat or fish in accordance with the Buddhist precept to not destroy life.

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Aug 12 ,2019

:: KEIICHI TANAAMI :: The King of Pop Art ::

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Aug 10 ,2019

A Japanese flower? Just who is the yamato nadeshiko that often appears in Japanese anime and manga?

Chances are you've heard the term "yamato nadeshiko" or just "nadeshiko" mentioned in regards to anime, manga or games before. But just what type of character does this term refer to?

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Aug 08 ,2019

Beautiful Japanese Style Architecture – Engawa

Have you ever seen a scene like this in dramas or anime?
On a quiet, sunny afternoon, an old lady sits on the Engawa and sips the tea, enjoying the beautiful yard leisurely. Or young people sit on the Engawa, eating juicy watermelon and talking about their summer memories lazily. Exactly the unique scene in Japan!
So let’s learn something about Engawa this time!

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Summer Unagi (Eel)

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Aug 06 ,2019

Make Authentic Matcha at Home! Recommended Goods of THE MATCHA TOKYO

We have introduced something about the authentic organic matcha cafe named THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO in the previous article.
Click to read Part.1 for your favorite menu and the specialties!

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