Aug 05 ,2019 SERIES

Senior easy to forget

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Aug 03 ,2019

Special Episode:It would be more enjoyable to put on the YUKATA! Enjoy the summer in Japan!

The YUKATA is one of the traditional clothes in Japanese style.
It's lively that lots of people are wearing YUKATA at various activities that are held in the summer.
YUKATA is more like a magic cloth which makes women look more pretty and men look more handsome!

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Aug 02 ,2019 SERIES


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Jul 31 ,2019

Japan's First-Ever! Enjoy the Latest Sweets at "Candied Strawberry Specialty Shop", the Hot Topic in Tokyo!

Do you know that crunchy and juicy ""candied strawberry"" is now a popular sweet all over the world?
In the fashion building ""SHIBUYA 109"" in Tokyo, the city of young fashion, a candied strawberry specialty shop called ""Strawberry Fetish"" is newly opened,

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Jul 29 ,2019 SERIES

Unhurried confession

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Jul 27 ,2019

Who Would You Like to Choose!? The Best "Sushi"Ikeman (Japan’s Representative Food) Finals! Part 1

Japan’s representative food "Sushi"
Sushi is popular in Japan and around the world
So which sushi topping do you like best?

Here we will introduce something about some popular sushi toppings
in an easy-to-understand way, with each one corresponding to a character!

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Jul 27 ,2019

My Experience of Watching Underground Idols Live Performance (First Part)

(A girl who I know seems to have become an underground idol,
so I went to watch her live performance with my friend matsutake)

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Jul 26 ,2019 SERIES

Standing and Passing

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Jul 25 ,2019 SERIES

Yuko’s Four Panel Comic #002 [ Nagashi-somen ]

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Jul 25 ,2019 SERIES

Lovely Pokémon and Delicious Bubble Tea! "Pokémon meets Sweet Dynasty"!

Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. is celebrating its first summer since it was opened, with its first birthday coming soon this year.
To commemorate this, the activity "Pokémon meets Sweet Dynasty Hong Kong Bubble Tea Drink Bar" will start from July 10th (Wednesday) for a limited time at the pop up stage 1 on the B1 Floor of New Building.

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Jul 24 ,2019 AD

A Must-See for Busy People Who Don’t Want to Give up on Beauty! Make Your Hadawaka Debut!

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Jul 23 ,2019

Make and Learn! The World of Chiiku Kashi

Chiiku kashi is a type of confectionery that can be made by kids by hand and can help to develop their intelligence. Kids may enjoy this as if they are making crafts, by which way their creativity can be enhanced.

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