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Thrill Ride

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Jun 17 ,2019

[Super Classic] Do you know these things? Personalized Planning for Japanese Souvenir[South of Tohoku Region]

Souvenir refers to the unique things which the local area or town have. Then which important person are you missing most and buy omiyage for him?

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Jun 15 ,2019

The super legendary "Ekiben" enjoy on the train

Crashbang...crashbang...(sound of tram)

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Jun 15 ,2019 SERIES

Yuko’s Four Panel Comic #001 [ Father's Day ]

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Jun 14 ,2019

Enjoy the four seasons! What is the "Koromogae" Culture?

It is in June now, and it is scorching heat.
Have you worn summer clothes?
In Japan, most schools and companies require students and staff to change their winter clothes to summer clothes during this period, we call it "Koromogae" Culture. Then this time I will tell you such "Koromogae" Culture.

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Jun 13 ,2019 SERIES

[ A day that is easy to forget? Celebrate Father's Day in June ]

The second Sunday of the past May is the "Mother's Day", Now, it is June, the Father's Day is coming up soon. Then do you know that the third Sunday of June in Japan is Father's Day? Besides Japan, other countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have also designated the third Sunday of June as Father's Day. In some countries, the date and origin of the Father's Day are different.

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Jun 13 ,2019

A Trip to Sendai~Part Two~Getting Closer to Masamune DATE!

Masamune DATE was a well-known daimyo in the Sengoku Period, although he is not as famous as Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, yet many of us have heard of his name. It is said that Date family had risen in the Kamakura period, while in the Sengoku Period, due to the achievements and greatness of his ancestors, this family became a established family with a vast territory (now the Tohoku Region in Japan). Born in such family, Masamune DATE became the 17th generation owner of the Date family when he was only 18 years old.

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Jun 11 ,2019 AD

AMPLEUR Retail Store Opening Event @ Hong Kong

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Jun 11 ,2019

Four kinds of cool Ningus!

Ninja is very famous and popular in Japanese history. The weapon used by the ninja is commonly known as "Ningu".This time we'd like to introduce to you several famous Ningus!

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Jun 10 ,2019 SERIES

Difference of fragrance

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Jun 07 ,2019 SERIES

Weddings in June

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