Jan 09 ,2019

Panda—Symbol of Japan-China Friendship

"Child ""Ah, panda-!"
Mother"So cute, this panda comes from China."

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Jan 07 ,2019 SERIES

Wire of "Pa"

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Jan 05 ,2019

[Female Article] Uses of kimono obi on different occasions ~part I~

Last time, I introduced to you to the types of women kimonos and which kind of kimonos should be worn on different occasions, so I think you must have some understanding of that. For those who haven't read the last article, you can start with the article below↓

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Jan 04 ,2019 SERIES

Sushi Rolls

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Jan 03 ,2019

Lost in beautiful Japanese patterns, so please play the "Hanafuda" in the new year's holidays !

Do you know the "Hanafuda", a traditional Japanese card game? Recently, due to the help of an anime film and its famous characters, Hanafuda has been drawn people's attention gradually. Maybe you've watch it, but don't know its specific rules. So I'd like to introduce the Hanafuda and its gameplay to such people.

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Jan 02 ,2019 SERIES

[ How old are you this year? Introducing the yakudoshi (calamitous years)in Japan ]

Happy New Year to everyone!
Sincerely hope all of you are better in this year.
Well, I will introduce you the Japanese cultures this time by taking"yakudoshi" as the main title.
"Taku" is a word that expresses sadness and disasters, and the words"yakudoshi" has been considered a unlucky from ancient time. "Yakudoshi" means that bad things relating to the age will happen to you. The age in the yakudoshi varies with the men and women, and the man will meet it three times, and the woman will be about four times. Moreover, "yakudoshi" is divided into three parts like the former,the middle and the latter covering the length of three years. Be sure to pay attention to such misfortune. (Yakudoshi can be found by counting the age)

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Jan 02 ,2019

"Hatsuyume", Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi(One-Fujisan, Two-Hawk, Three-Eggplant), and later?!

Do you know what kind of dream do Japanese call hatsuyume?
Although there are various sayings that Japanese treat the "dream in the evening of December 31st" or the "dream in the morning of January 2nd" as hatsuyume, but now the "hatsuyume" is generally referred to the dream in the evening of New Year's Day to the morning of the January 2nd.

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Dec 31 ,2018 AD

"Things to Do in Tenjin, Fukuoka Visit Kōgyoku Sushi, the last word in fresh seafood."

With three outlets in Fukuoka, Kōgyoku has been in the business of serving sushi for fifty years. In 2016, an outlet also opened on Floor B1 of the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel. Let’s visit Kōgyoku, where they serve sushi featuring freshly-caught fish from the Genkai Sea, prepared according to time-honored methods and recipes.

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Dec 30 ,2018

Special Episode: the scenery of Japan during the celebrating period of welcoming new year

Many traditional activities will be held during the celebrating period of new year, and it is a period for the japanese to be clogged. Here is the summary of the activities in the new Year of Japan. Why don't you enjoy your favoriates in this great period?

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Dec 28 ,2018 SERIES


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Dec 28 ,2018

Here are the hit matters in Japan 2018!

The year of 2018 is just passing a little more finally !
Do you know what the headlines of the world are in Japan in 2018?
The keyword of the year is fittingly"cheer".
Let's look back at the products that have been hit in the passing whole year!

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Dec 27 ,2018

【Male Article】Type and Difference of Kimono

Last time we introduced to you the type of women kimonos, then this time will be the Male Article.

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