May 23 ,2019

Special Episode:Review of History of Japan's Participation in World Cup

The history of Japan’s participation in the World Cup is even earlier than the start of the J League in 1995!

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May 21 ,2019

[Chinese characters]Japanese opinions!Nicely meaningful and cool Chinese characters[11 selection]

Chinese characters were used in China around 3,500 years ago, and now there are about 11 countries still use Chinese characters, which form a "Chinese character culture circle". Even overseas, Chinese characters are very popular, some overseas celebrities even have tattoo of Chinese characters on their body. People also like wear the T-shirt and accessories with Chinese characters which have been presented as omiyage! However, for the Chinese characters with strange meaning, it will make matters worse! For those who are troubled by this, the author has consulted and collected 11 Chinese characters that are also very cool from the Japanese locals!

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May 20 ,2019 SERIES

Great dream

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May 18 ,2019

Top 5 charms of the Tokusatsu world!~ Super Sentai and Masked Rider~

Do you know "Tokusatsu"?
"Tokusatsu(Special Shooting)"is a genre of video works, which uses models and computer images to create videos that can not be present by ordinary shooting.

Tokusatsu works are also divided into several types:
① Life-sized Hero):Super Sentai, Masked Rider,etc.
② Giant Hero):Ultraman,etc.
③ KAIJU/monster:Godzilla series,etc.

This time, I will introduce tou you the top 5 charms of Life-sized Hero Tokusatsu works, which has unbreakable high popularity in Japan!

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May 18 ,2019

Ah, the incomparable sado(tea ceremony) world... Inviting you to the ""quiet"" world (Part 1)

Hello, dear readers. Do you know the "sado"? Sado is a kind of Japanese traditional art culture and ceremony that has inherited since ancient times. This time I want to give you a brief introduction to the etiquette of sado.

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May 17 ,2019 SERIES

Children's Day

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May 17 ,2019

What is the "ONI" in Japan on earth?! Different terrible things in Japan and other countries!

Why are their face like this? The reason will be announced below--I'd like to introduce to you the image of ghosts in different countries!

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May 16 ,2019 AD

[Things to do in Tenjin, Fukuoka] where you can taste authentic Thai food -- mango tree café

With a head restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, the branches of mango tree spread to London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
We can enjoy authentic Thai food casually at the sister store of mango tree -- mango tree cafe.
"Mango Tree Cafe", it will landed in Kyushu for the first time on this spring.

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May 16 ,2019

Personalize the Japanese popular sushi materials

Speaking of representative food in Japan...
Sushi will certainly stand out!
We've selected the Top 3 sushi materials which is the most popular in Japan and other countries in the world, and personalize them.

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May 14 ,2019

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.4~

Countries all over the world develop their own patterns and small objects to ward off ill luck and evil based on their own cultures. This time in part 4, MdJ will summarize and introduce to you traditional Japanese patterns with effect of warding off ill luck and evil in Japan!

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May 13 ,2019 SERIES

Manager's character

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May 10 ,2019 SERIES


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