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Mediocre girls VS Excellent girls! How to spend their rest days? Which sort do you belong to?

Loved by everyone, masculine and feminine, happy and joyful, have you find such girls around you? On the contrary, there are also some girls people can't feel their own charm. Next we will compare the ways in which these two groups of girls spend their rest days. Which group do you belong to?

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Dec 08 ,2018

Reason for addiction! Five great charms of 2.5-dimensional stage!~part2~

At first, their lines are blunt and unnatural, but later they can change their impromptu lines one day. . .
Because they are growing every day, or every day show and evening performance...

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Dec 08 ,2018

Sweet and puckery. Persimmon, a super delicious fruit full of nutrition

"Grandpa ""Persimmons are ripe ""
Grandson ""Hmm,grandpapa, I want to eat persimmons.""
Grandpa ""OK, then let's go, persimmon is a kind of fruit full of nutrition""
Grandson ""To be specific, which kind of nutrition they have""
Grandpa ""You are still so curious about everything. But since my lovely grandson asked, grandpapa would tell you."""

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Dec 07 ,2018

Come here for your Christmas dating! 4 super popular lighting attractions in Tokyo suburb

In December the smell of Christmas is getting stronger, and I really want to go to see beautiful colorful lights on Christmas day! Are there many people who have this idea? Once in a blue moon, you must prefer going to places that can leave you a special memory, right? In this article we will introduce to you some super popular lighting attractions in the outskirts of Tokyo♪

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[Special Events] SEKKISEI'S POP UP BOOTH in Singapore

We'll be having our our SEKKISEI road show at Orchard Road (1-7pm) on December 8 (sat) - 9 (sun).
Come by to get free samples and even stand to win prizes when you upload your selfie with our photowall! See you there!

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Dec 06 ,2018

On the occasion of cold winter, come to enjoy delicious "atsukan" nihonshu

Nihonshu is a kind of wine that can be tasted at different temperatures. When ordering nihonshu at izakaya, the clerk usually asks "Do you want Hiyazake, Reishu, or Atsukan?" Then which one would you order? Just it is very ~cold, so you must want to have atsukan to warm your body! Next I will tell you about such atsukan!

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Dec 05 ,2018

Reason for addiction! Five great charms of 2.5-dimensional stage!

2.5-dimension stage refers to move the 2-dimensional world in comics, anime, and games to the 3-dimensional stage for live performance. As the author of this article, I am now falling into this! Here are five great charms that are extremely simplified to the 2.5-dimension!

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