Mar 04 ,2019 SERIES

The funny Class 3

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Mar 04 ,2019

Tried the alien fish "Odontamblyopus lacepedii" from Ariake Sea!

Hello everyone! This is Adachi from MdJ. This time I tried a kind of fish called "Odontamblyopus lacepedii", and would like to make a comment on it!

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Mar 01 ,2019 SERIES

Finger Names

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Mar 01 ,2019 SERIES

[ The custom to give the second button as a present in graduation ceremony]

Which season in your country is the graduation ceremony in? In Japan, traditionally March is the time for graduation ceremony and April is the season for entrance ceremony. Not only in schools, in this time more people will have inaugural activities and job changes, which is the season when the social environment around one changes the most.

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Feb 26 ,2019 SERIES

No diet required!The way to spend a holiday of healthy girls

There are a lot of women who often go on a diet,wondering""How many times is this this time?"".On the other hand,there are women who""have never been on a diet"".
It has something to do with one's body, but it has a lot more to do with the habit! If you imitate the lifestyle of Moteko introduced down below, you may get a good body with no need to diet for life!

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Feb 25 ,2019 SERIES

Cross Road

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Feb 23 ,2019

Three things to be done when going to Toyosu Market

Toyosu market was opened in October,2018. It is different from the former Tsukiji market.The following will introduce 3 things you need do when going to Toyosu market!

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Feb 22 ,2019 SERIES


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Feb 21 ,2019 AD

Things to Do in Tenjin, Fukuoka Visit “Milk”, the first store in Japan to specialize in fresh cream!

Have you heard about the specialty store that sells fresh cream? It opened December 7, 2018, on floor B2 of TENJIN CORE!

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Feb 21 ,2019

A must-read for those who feel tired! Healing cute animals!

Do you like animals?
Animals are not only cute but also very healing!

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Feb 19 ,2019 AD

Miki and Shiho's Skin Care Wars - Mission3

In fact, there are a lot of hidden freckles under your skin.These freckle reserve armies!
It seems that more and more people start to worry about freckles from their late twenties.If you think ""I'm still young""and don't care about it,
freckle reserve armies will evolve to freckles!? This time, I will introduce to you a skin care item that will revolutionize the freckles on your skin!

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Feb 19 ,2019

[Experience Report] I had a try of Edo Kiriko earnestly!

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