Oct 26 ,2018 AD

Dine in style on a waterfront terrace at “bills” Fukuoka, loved by gourmands everywhere!

Tenjin, in the heart of Fukuoka: about a nine-minute walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station is Suijō Park, where the locals like to rest and relax. The park is home to a restaurant facility called “SHIP’S GARDEN”, which is where you’ll find “bills” Fukuoka, an all-day casual-dining restaurant. Let’s take a look at “bills” sole location in the Kyūshū region.

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Oct 25 ,2018

Five scenic spots suitable for wearing yukata in Tokyo

In order to make up for this regret, here are some recommended spots suitable for wearing yukata around Tokyo!

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Oct 24 ,2018

A place where you can have cocktail inspired by characters you like!?A new feeling! CafeBarKirin

They can also make cocktail inspired by memories you have with your vocal or actor friends.

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Oct 23 ,2018

【Female Article】Type and Difference of Kimono

Kimono is not only good-looking, it is also a clothing that attaches great importance to "kaku" (rank). For this reason, depending on the occasion, the kimono shall be divided into a high rank dress and fashion dress worn in daily life. This detailed distinction in use gives a different meaning to the kimono.

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Oct 22 ,2018 SERIES

A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Oct 20 ,2018

【Halloween】The normal make-up is too boring! Five kind of Japanese popular costume for halloween

Want to have a fun Halloween in Japan, but you must be bored with the same costume... Here are some of classic Japanese monster costumes for Halloween! These necessary costumes are sold very well because of their high popularity! If dressing up in a different way than usual, you will definitely be more eye-catching than your friends!

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Oct 19 ,2018 SERIES


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Oct 19 ,2018

You must know! "Yuzu Kosho", a super crazy seasoning born in Japan!

Do you know the Yuzu Kosho? It is a kind of Japanese seasoning made by grinded roughly chopped pepper and pomelo peel and salt.

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Oct 18 ,2018

Eat nihonshoku to lose weight in the morning! Four tips of health of nihonshoku?!

Japanese breakfast is also very effective for weight loss! Please be sure to try the Japanese breakfast.

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Oct 17 ,2018

All these things can be bought by 100 yen! Mountains of treasures in Japanese 100 Yen Shop.

In Japan, the stores known as "100 Yen Shop(hyaku en shoppu)" are spread all over the country. As its name suggests, the price of goods in such stores are all 100 yen.

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Oct 16 ,2018 SERIES

The Fruit of Skillful Technique by Industrial Kaga Arts! Japan Culture Priject=Shishimai Series-

Thank you for reading Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-!
Do you start becoming interested in Japanese performing arts "Shishimai"? Although we say “Shishimai” in general, this theatrical art has various schools. So we can feel the depth of Japanese culture.

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Oct 15 ,2018 SERIES

YUKO's Trip @OSAKA #1 [ To the world of the sky 300 meters ]

[ introduction ]
One day, American Brauns came to Yuko's family. Yuko asked mother whom they are, mum replied that he is a friend in their college days.
Mum told Yuko they would live in Japan in the future due to his working relationship with dad.
Besides Mr and Mrs Braun, Oliver, in the second year of middle school,Amelia, in grade three and Mary, who is still young, were also their family members.

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