Nov 23 ,2018 SERIES

Holey Chestnuts

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Nov 23 ,2018

Onigiri Bar Shibutanien ~A wonderful balance of wine and onigiri~

Speaking of bar, the impression is generally the fashionable western style place where guests can enjoy cocktails and other drinks under dim light. Then do you know the bar where you can eat the onigiri while have a drink?

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Nov 22 ,2018 AD

View Hakata Bay landmarks from the water on a cruise that combines sight-seeing with fine dining.

The Mariera, Fukuoka’s only dining cruise ship, offers the chance to enjoy fine dining while viewing Hakata Bay landmarks from the water. Here’s how you can join the fun.

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Nov 21 ,2018

Evolution of fashion trends in Shibuya・Harajuku 1980~

Takenoko-zoku was very popular in the first half of the 1980s. During this period, young people gathered in Yoyogi Park in Harajuku, Tokyo, and in the pedestrian area (Pedestrian Paradise in Harajuku), they took radio cassette recorder, along with the music, they often danced in the street.

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Nov 20 ,2018

Special Features : Sweep away the fatigue of persistent trip! Onsen・Sento Recommendation

Because Japan is rich in volcanoes, then many famous onsen have also been produced, as well as sento, the facility similar to the onsen, exist throughout the Japan. If you come to Japan during the cold autumn and winter, in order to enjoy it better, we recommend you to take onsen bath so that to remove fatigue and stress, relax your body and mind.

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Nov 19 ,2018 SERIES

Come from Ice World①

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Nov 19 ,2018

Cute and eye-poping♡ "Jomon Doki"

Jomon Doki refers to the earthenware made in Japanese archipelago during Jomon Period (about 16,000 years ago ~ 2,300 years ago)

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Nov 17 ,2018

Japanese honourable hairstyle! The origin of samurai's "chonmage"

Chonmage is a characteristic hairstyle of samurai. In the eyes of modern people, such hairstyle is undoubtedly full of personality, then why does Japan have this kind of hair culture? This time let's explore the origin of chonmage.

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Nov 17 ,2018 SERIES

Yuko's Trip @OSAKA #2 [ Please do not dip sauce repeatedly ]

Yuko and Oliver topped the Abeno Harukas Building, from the observatory here, we found a place called "New World", and Oliver was very interested in it, so next we went to the New World. What is Osaka like when Yuko and Oliver were looking out it there? Please go on to pay attention to the Yuko's Trip @OSAKA Series guided by her, and at the end of each article, there will be a lecture on the Osaka dialect!

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Nov 16 ,2018 SERIES

Seven Autumnal Flowers

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Nov 16 ,2018

The super classic Japanese cuisine in winter! Then what types of "nabe (Japanese style hot pot)"?

"Nabe is so good~!" "Want to eat nabe!" Once in the winter, the Japanese will keep saying such words over and over. For Japanese, their hot pot cuisine are basically only need to put the ingredients into the pot to cook, but there are different tastes and types depending on the region. Next I want to tell you the Japanese "nabemono(hot pot cuisine)" that only needs simple ingredients but very profound.

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Nov 15 ,2018

Simple! Delicious! The very popular onigiri! What's inside?

Onigiri is Japan's soul food, which is a kind of food like Euramerican sandwich and can be easily carried anywhere!

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