Nov 16 ,2018

The super classic Japanese cuisine in winter! Then what types of "nabe (Japanese style hot pot)"?

"Nabe is so good~!" "Want to eat nabe!" Once in the winter, the Japanese will keep saying such words over and over. For Japanese, their hot pot cuisine are basically only need to put the ingredients into the pot to cook, but there are different tastes and types depending on the region. Next I want to tell you the Japanese "nabemono(hot pot cuisine)" that only needs simple ingredients but very profound.

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Nov 15 ,2018

Simple! Delicious! The very popular onigiri! What's inside?

Onigiri is Japan's soul food, which is a kind of food like Euramerican sandwich and can be easily carried anywhere!

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Nov 14 ,2018

Find out more about J.CLAIR Singapore !!

The mission of J.CLAIR Singapore is to support
the international efforts of Japanese local authorities.
Let us introduce to you some of the diverse work
we do.

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Nov 14 ,2018

753  A Traditional Japanese Birthday Celebration

753 or Shichi - Go - San is a Japanese custome observed on November 15 in which 5 year old boy & 3,7 year old girls visit shrines to pray for health and prosperity as they grow. 3 year old girls wear a kimono with shoulder tucks and no obi, donning a vest called a hifu, while their 7 year-old peers dress in a standard kimono and sash. Boys of 5 wear hakama and a long haori.

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Nov 13 ,2018

【Made in Japan】I want one! The Japanese kitchen knife that inherits the DNA of Japanese sword

What kind of kitchen knife are you using now? As a Japanese specialty, the very popular "Japanese kitchen knife" is actually the product of the development of knife smelting technology. If you have a good kitchen knife, it will be much easier to do the cooking in daily life and you will be in a good mood as well. Now let me introduce the charm of this "Japanese kitchen knife" to you.

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Nov 13 ,2018

Looks very cute, but actually...! ? Shiba Inu will answer you 3 inconceivable things about Japan

I thought it was just cute, but didn't think that Shiba Inu can also answer common doubts about Japan to the point! Is what this Shiba Inu says true or not on earth...! ?

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Nov 12 ,2018 SERIES

Manager Hirano

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Nov 12 ,2018 AD

Shop FUKUOKA DUTY FREE TENJIN and save! Travel light while you see the sights!

Food, cosmetics, watches, fashion accessories, appliances: if you’re like most tourists, there’s a ton of stuff you’ll want to buy while in Japan. And your souvenirs and other purchases have got to be duty free! Today we’ll learn about a duty-free shop in Tenjin, Fukuoka, that you’re sure to want to visit.

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Nov 10 ,2018

Why the torii of shrine is red? Two tips about shrine that the Japanese do not know!

The shrine is the place where the Japanese gods are worshipped, while the torii standing at the shrine represents the entrance to the dog domain. But why most torii are red? In addition, why some torii are set on the sea or on the lake? Next let's take a look at the mystery of the torii that the Japanese don't quite know.

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Nov 09 ,2018 SERIES

September 9th

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Nov 09 ,2018

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 3〜

After the 2nd part, here comes part 3 of popular omiyage/souvenir! This time we will introduce to you some omiyage/souvenir snacks that can be easily bought on the street and are quite popular among tourists!

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Nov 08 ,2018

Strong~ smelling!! Stimulate the eyes and nose! "Wasabi"

Wasabi has been a plant naturally grown in the deep mountains and valleys of Japan since ancient times, which is a kind of main condiment that Japanese people like.

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