Nov 09 ,2018

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 3〜

After the 2nd part, here comes part 3 of popular omiyage/souvenir! This time we will introduce to you some omiyage/souvenir snacks that can be easily bought on the street and are quite popular among tourists!

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Nov 08 ,2018

Strong~ smelling!! Stimulate the eyes and nose! "Wasabi"

Wasabi has been a plant naturally grown in the deep mountains and valleys of Japan since ancient times, which is a kind of main condiment that Japanese people like.

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Nov 07 ,2018

Special Features:Japan, a country with ancient and excellent cultural tradition

Speaking of Japan, what will come to your mind?
Japanese culture reflects the beauty of Japan and also expresses the spirit of Japan.
This time, I will introduce to you the long-inherited Japanese traditional culture.

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Nov 05 ,2018 SERIES

Soon It Will Be Thirteen People

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Nov 03 ,2018

November is the month of gathering many good days! Far-fetched? Japan's "Good ◯◯ Day" Calendar

Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, etc... so many festivals in each month, but do you know there are lots of anniversaries in Japan's November? Japan’s November is called "Good ◯◯ Day", and all over the country will be full of excitement for such good fays! Next I will tell you the good day calendar in Japan's November.

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Nov 02 ,2018

Can be seen just in Tokyo! 5 attractions to enjoy red leaves

It’s the season of autumn when the weather gets colder. Speaking of leisure activities in autumn, most people may think of "enjoying red leaves". But it seems that in a city with sparse greens you can hardly enjoy the beauty of the red leaves...

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Nov 02 ,2018 SERIES


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Nov 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Let's celebrate the Shichi-Go-San Festival ]

Seven-five-three, what do you think of these numbers? In fact, this is the number that represents the age of the child. In Japan, Shichi-Go-San Festival will be held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children. But why such festival is for 7 years old,

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Oct 31 ,2018

Special Features:Halloween in Japan

Halloween is on October, 31.
In Japan, when it comes to Halloween, the image of such a world will come to people's mind.
Then do you have the same impression on Halloween in your area?

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Oct 30 ,2018

A good friend of light work! Gunte, the glove used by Japanese.

Gunte is a kind of glove that the Japanese love very much, which is widely and effectively used in people's daily lives. The gunte is usually white, flexible, and very firm and cheap. While working, gunte is a good labour protection equipment to prevent cuts and bruises.

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Oct 30 ,2018

Make your charm stand out to the utmost extent! Skills for Japanese nude makeup [latter part]

Continued from the preceding paragraph, this time I'd like to introduce to you the skills for "nude makeup", Japan's mainstream popular makeup! Such makeup can make you look even more cute! Let's make your own charm stand out to the utmost extent♪

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Oct 29 ,2018 SERIES


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