Oct 15 ,2018 SERIES

Loss of Face

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Oct 13 ,2018

The Harajuku lockers are in these places! Locker MAP@Harajuku for visitors

The number of lockers installed at the Meijiijinguumae Station is the most in the entire Harajuku area.

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Oct 12 ,2018 SERIES

Chestnut Gathering

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Oct 10 ,2018

Special Features:Kingdom of Izakaya・Japan!

There are many izakayas in Japan, and it can be said that the Japanese izakaya integrates the advantages of pub, bar and restaurant.
Through this article, let's learn about the izakaya where many people gather every day.

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Oct 09 ,2018

Five beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a representative mountain in Japan. Countless visitors come to Japan to enjoy the beauty of Mt.Fuji. Then, do you know the following "○○ Fuji" in Japan?

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Oct 08 ,2018 SERIES

Negative Club

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Oct 06 ,2018

Ordinary paper is also available! From this day on, you can also become a paper crane master!

"Origami" is a traditional Japanese game, the most popular of which is "paper crane", but I don't know how to fold it...don't worry, this article will help you! I can show off to my friends today♪

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Oct 04 ,2018

Japanese style! Preparation for the complete enjoyment of Shibuya Halloween!

In recent years, the Halloween activities in Japan have been extremely lively and received heavy attention. From the end of August, when is still burning hot, to the eve of Halloween on October 31, many grocery stores in Harajuku begin selling Halloween-related items. Japanese Halloween has a unique style of Japan, especially in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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Oct 03 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ⑤ 2008~2010 (latter part)

"(previous review)
After Germany World Cup in, Ivica Osim took the position of head coach of the Japanese National Men's Football Team, but he had to resign due to a sudden cerebral infarction. Then Okada Takeshi took over as the next head coach, and Japanese Team started out a new journey."

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Oct 02 ,2018 SERIES

The Dynamic Performance only Found in the Edo Style! Japan Culture Project-Shishimai Series-

Thank you for reading Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-!
What comes to your mind when you hear Tokyo?
The Tokyo Tower? A Kaminarimon Gate? You will imagine various thing.
However, Tokyo's charm is not only them. Shishimai is also in Tokyo!

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Oct 01 ,2018 SERIES

Have a little glass

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