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The Dynamic Performance only Found in the Edo Style! Japan Culture Project-Shishimai Series-

Thank you for reading Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-!
What comes to your mind when you hear Tokyo?
The Tokyo Tower? A Kaminarimon Gate? You will imagine various thing.
However, Tokyo's charm is not only them. Shishimai is also in Tokyo!

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Oct 01 ,2018 SERIES

Have a little glass

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Oct 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ The Japanese unique culture in autumn? Sports Meet! ]

In last article, Yuko introduced the national holidays in Japan, among them, do you still remember the Health-Sports Day? During this period when both temperature and humidity are all just right, an activity called "sports meet" will be held in all Japanese schools. It is said that this activity originated in the United Kingdom and Germany, but it is only Japan that has survived it as a culture. This time, I will introduce such "sports meet" to you.

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Sep 29 ,2018 AD

A single Truffle -Making Chocolate Memories for Children and Parents-

[Recommendation from Tenjin, Fukuoka]

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Sep 28 ,2018

【unexpected】After taking the escalator in Nagoya, the center of Japan...

As we all know,Japan is a country that pays great attention to etiquette, but do you know that the etiquette of taking the escalator varies from place to place?

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Sep 27 ,2018

Foodie girls' dearest! Harajuku rotary dessert & coffee house of "Cafe RonRon"

Now, there is a high-profile coffee house at Harajuku, Tokyo, where the birthplace of many popular women's culture. That is, the "MAISON ABLE Cafe Ron Ron",which opened in July 2018. Although it has been opened for two months, yet the girls and foreign tourists still come in a continuous stream. This time, I've personally gone to experience this hot Cafe RonRon!

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Sep 26 ,2018 SERIES

Autumn is For...

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Sep 25 ,2018

You know that at all! ? 3 reasons why Vtuber is so popular in Japan

Vtuber is short for "Virtual Youtuber", which refers to fictional characters that upload videos or broadcast live just as Youtuber.

In Vtuber, your real appearance will not be showed. CG characters that have been modified are used in videos including game broadcast, live broadcast, gig and many other forms and posted on Youtube.

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Sep 24 ,2018 SERIES

Game Boy

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Sep 22 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep5 〜Working in a Cafe / Maid Cafe〜

Working in a cafe is also a catering job just as working in a restaurant that introduced before, but what is the difference in the specific work duties? What is it like to work in a Japanese cafe?

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Sep 22 ,2018 SERIES

YUKO's Collection @ASEAN part2

Let's travel around the world with Yuko! In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costume world wild. Unconsciously, this column has been written for a year. What do you think of the ASEAN series traditional clothing written by Yuko? At the end of this series, let's review the costumes of each country!

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Sep 20 ,2018

Notice when going to Japan! Crowded days but not in holiday!

Actually they are the memorial days for prefecture of Japan
In such days, school will be closed, and the residents in these prefectures will get the free admission for sightseeing and amusement
Different prefectures have different memorial days, and some prefectures have no such anniversaries.

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