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Flavor Artists

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Jan 20 ,2018 SERIES

Football !! 2

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Jan 20 ,2018

You can learn interesting things about instant noodles. I went to the CUPNOODLES Museum Yokohama!

After pouring into boiling water for a few minutes...
a cup of hot instant noodles is ready!
This simple and delicious "instant noodles" were invented in Japan.
And I visited the "CUPNOODLES Museum Yokohama" to experience, eat, and enjoy the instant noodles!

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Jan 19 ,2018

The world's most lovely Purikura shop! Moreru Mignon!

A dreamy shop with full of cute!
Let me introduce to you the Moreru Mignon, where the girls can hold their most lovely gesture!

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Jan 18 ,2018

Special collection of classic Omiyage, Tokyo

What's the best Omiyage in Tokyo?
There are various gifts all over the Japan gathered in the Tokyo's gift shop.

Which one should buy, I am hesitant ... you may think that is Tokyo's specialty, but if you look at it carefully, you maybe find it is produced elsewhere! I think a lot of people have gone through such experience.

This time I will collect some classic specialties originated in Tokyo, you must be happy if you find my information.

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Jan 17 ,2018 SERIES

Cup Ramen

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Jan 17 ,2018 SERIES

New eyeshadow for the latest style!

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Jan 16 ,2018 SERIES

Football !!

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Jan 16 ,2018

Milk shake x Potato Chips x "Alcohol" ?! THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO in Omotesando

Sweet shake matched with crunchy potato chips ?!
The "SHAKE & CHIPS", a new collocation which means dipping chips with milk shake, was put forward by a specialty store "THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO(hereinafter referred as S&C)" in Omotesando.

I'd like to introduce to you the charm of this shop!

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Jan 15 ,2018 SERIES

24/7 Police HQ

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Jan 15 ,2018 SERIES

YUKO's Collection@japan

Let's travel around the world with Yuko!
In this column, Yuko will introduce to you the national costume world wide.
The fifth season is Japan.

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