Apr 11 ,2018 SERIES

Spring Vegetables

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Apr 11 ,2018

Up to 10,000 or more ?! Detailed Study of Japanese "Kamon"

Do you know the "kamon" widely used in Japan? Actually, the ancient kamon was used to express his family and status, however, nowadays, kamon has been popularized in the Japanese corporate logo, comics, and even the trademark of LOUIS VUITTON. So it is very close to everyday life now.

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Apr 10 ,2018

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga!(Ways to convey the theme)

When conceiving a comic story, first of all is to draw up a main idea (theme).
This step is very important because the theme can carry out the image of the work at the end, and it is also the signpost to direct the trend on development of the work.
This time, let's talk about how to convey the theme to readers!

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Apr 09 ,2018 SERIES

Climb 'n' Cry

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Apr 09 ,2018

Secrets of Products Exchange

Have you play the capsule toy or ichiban kuji in Japan? Then did you get what you want?
It may be a little bit difficult to hit the jackpot just once.
However, in Japan, the same two-dimensional human beings often help each other in order to realize their dreams.
Well, today I will introduce to you the secrets of products exchange in Japan.

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Apr 07 ,2018 SERIES

Halloween Ghost

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Apr 07 ,2018

It is rarely known! Hanamatsuri.

Do you know Hanamatsuri?
Although we always participate in such similar activities,yet the Hanamatsuri is still relatively unknown to us.

So this time I will introduce the Hanamatsuri to you.

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Apr 06 ,2018

Powerful backup for fans! What does "Live Viewing" mean?

Japanese live concert, stage performance, 2.5-modality Musical, sports event ...do you want to watch such activities? However, some people may hesitate because they can not buy tickets, or they are far away from the venue, or they are not so brave, or other reasons...For such people, I recommend them to watch "Live Viewing"! Then what does Live Viewing mean? How to watch it? So, this time I will introduce to you the LV!

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Apr 05 ,2018 AD

What is Yamato?

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Apr 05 ,2018

Summary of Types of Japanese Student Uniforms

In Japan, April is the season for new semester and new start! We can find many students wearing new bright uniforms in the street. If have a close view of them,we may really find many kinds of Japanese uniforms. Here, I sum up Japanese student uniforms (especially girls' uniforms) for everyone.

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Apr 04 ,2018 SERIES

A Season for New Meeting

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Apr 04 ,2018

The ways to distinguish different sakura!

April is the season for hanami.
In order to let everyone better enjoy the pleasure of hanami, this time I will introduce the ways to identify sakura!

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