Mar 05 ,2018 SERIES

Different Times

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Mar 05 ,2018

The correct ways to discard the milk cartons are?

Do you know that the garbage classification in Japan is very strict?
As to the different garbage classification, the ways to drop litter are different.
Well, here I will introduce to you the correct ways to discard the milk cartons in Japan.

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Mar 03 ,2018 SERIES

Skin Shedding 

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Mar 03 ,2018

What kind of clothes shall we wear from March to May in Japan?

It is Japanese "spring" from March to May. Spring is a warmer season which is most suitable for travel. This time I will give some suggestion to those who plan to travel in Japan during this period on the Tokyo's weather and what you should wear in this season. It will be better to learn more in advance.

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Mar 02 ,2018 SERIES

How to make dashi simple version

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Mar 02 ,2018

Various new drinking method of nihonshu!

Nihonshu is the wine made from rice, water and koji. Although it is enough to make Japanese proud, yet many Japanese are not good at drinking...
And some people want to drink it, but the alcohol of nihonshu is about 15-16 degrees, so they are afraid to have a try.
For such people and those who like drinking nihonshu, I'd like to recommend some new drinking method of nihonshu which can be mixed at home.

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Mar 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Celebrate the Momonosekku ]

The "Momonosekku" is a spring festival that shall be celebrated on March 3. This festival is also known as the "Hinamatsuri", on this day, people will take some traditional activities such as dressing up dolls or eating special cuisine of Momonosekku to pray for girls'healthy growth and getting happiness. This time, I will introduce to you this "Hinamatsuri".

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Feb 28 ,2018 SERIES


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Feb 28 ,2018

A little of knowledge about Momotaro: Why can monkey・pheasant・dog beat the demons?!

Generally we use beans to beat demons.
Then, do you know some knowledge about Momotaro?

Whether at home or abroad, I think Momotaro is a well-known Japanese legend. But maybe some people do not know his story, so this time I will tell you the stories about him.

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Feb 27 ,2018 SERIES

Summoning !!

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Feb 27 ,2018

In 2017, these things are very popular in Japan!

Do you know which products were burglary sold in 2017 for Japanese explosive buying?
In a word, the key word is "substantial".
These popular products have a tendency that they could make your daily life colorful, so that you can spend a comfortable and enjoyable leisure time in your own home.
This time, let's take a look at the hot items in Japan in 2017.

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Feb 26 ,2018 SERIES

Unnecessary Signs

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