Feb 02 ,2018

Introduce Ehoumaki with manga!

Ehoumaki is a kind of Makizushi eats on Setsubun while facing the lucky direction (the year's lucky compass direction). It contains the meaning of "rolling fortune", which is auspicious and a traditional activity in Japan.

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Feb 01 ,2018 SERIES

Eating beans to drive away the evil!

Speaking of events in February, Valentine's Day must be the most famous festival all over the world, while in Japan, there is also a customary activity similar to the Valentine's Day, the Setsubun. "Setsubun" is on February 3 (the day before the beginning of spring in Japan), and on this day, people will throw the fortune beans to drive away the evil. Why do people do that? This time I will introduce to you the Japanese "Setsubun".

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Jan 31 ,2018 SERIES


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Jan 31 ,2018

If you eat once, you will be captured by its delicacy? Hiroshima special taste—Okonomiyaki

One of Japanese national cuisine is "Okonomiyaki".

The basic material of Okonomiyaki is batter, after adding the ingredients such as vegetables, meat and seafood, cooked on the iron plate, and seasoned with sauces, mayonnaise, aonori, then can be served immediately.
Its cooking methods and materials are varied from place to place.

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Jan 30 ,2018 SERIES

Water Gun Battle !

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Jan 29 ,2018 SERIES

Building Models

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Jan 29 ,2018

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga! (Story Generation①)

What is the funny story like?
"The creative methods of story just as much as the number of population, so there is no so-called correct answer...", it is not really the case! In fact, the creative methods of most popular works worldwide would not follow a certain routine just in order to make the story interesting.
This time let's take a look at the two routines for creating interesting stories.

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Jan 27 ,2018 SERIES


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Jan 26 ,2018 SERIES

How to use bamboo leaves.

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Jan 26 ,2018

Permanent Collector's Edition ! Useful Japanese Course, part2. Katakana.

Hope for serialization a little earlier!
The theme of ""Useful Japanese Course"" of this time is Katakana.
Have you try to challenge the Hiragana of last time? Then what is the difference between Katakana and Hiragana? And where to use Katakana? From now on, you may become the expert of Katakana !

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Jan 25 ,2018

Catch a cold ? Try Japanese trick of healing !

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Jan 24 ,2018 SERIES

Chochin Lanterns

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