Jan 13 ,2018 SERIES

In The Woods

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Jan 12 ,2018 SERIES

Pay attention to the smell.

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Jan 10 ,2018 SERIES

Soy Sauce

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Jan 10 ,2018

The running kimono? ! I tried to explore the world of "Hakama".

Speaking of Japan, you will think of kimono! But do you think that each kinds of kimono are the same?
Today I am going to talk about a kimono in the comics which is called ""Hakama"".
Needs to wear boots to match Hakama? Wearing it to do farm work? Ah, 〇〇,a famous star, also wear it ?!
So I explore the world of legendary ""Hakama"".

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Jan 09 ,2018 SERIES

Let’s Make Rice Ball

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Jan 09 ,2018 AD

Let's go to Tokoname Central Japan International Airport and Pottery Street!

The Central Japan International Airport is located at Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.

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Jan 08 ,2018 SERIES

A Break in the Rain

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Jan 08 ,2018

Let's collect 7 kinds of blessings! Shichifukujin Meguri

One of activities in New Year's Holiday of Japan——Shichifukujin Meguri, like its name, people shall go to shrines or temples to visit seven gods.
Well, before the ceremony, let me introduce the seven lucky gods to you!

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Jan 06 ,2018 SERIES


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Jan 06 ,2018

Your destiny is on this paper! Go to the shrine or temple to draw a "Omikuji"!

Excuse me, do you know the ""Omikuji""?
The Omikuji is ""a piece of paper to divine the future fortune"", in fact, we can see various Omikuji in shrines or temples. This time I will introduce to you the knowledge of Omikuji and place near Tokyo at which you can draw English Omikuji!

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Jan 05 ,2018 SERIES

Order of eating

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Jan 04 ,2018

To celebrate a healthy New Year, just eating Nanakusagayu!

In Japan, the Nanakusagayu is a regular meal that shall be eaten in the morning of January 7.
Originally, it was in Heian period that many Chinese customs and manners such as eating Nanakusagayu were introduced into Japan, and integrated with Japanese culture.

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