Jan 06 ,2018 SERIES


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Jan 06 ,2018

Your destiny is on this paper! Go to the shrine or temple to draw a "Omikuji"!

Excuse me, do you know the ""Omikuji""?
The Omikuji is ""a piece of paper to divine the future fortune"", in fact, we can see various Omikuji in shrines or temples. This time I will introduce to you the knowledge of Omikuji and place near Tokyo at which you can draw English Omikuji!

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Jan 05 ,2018 SERIES

Order of eating

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Jan 04 ,2018

To celebrate a healthy New Year, just eating Nanakusagayu!

In Japan, the Nanakusagayu is a regular meal that shall be eaten in the morning of January 7.
Originally, it was in Heian period that many Chinese customs and manners such as eating Nanakusagayu were introduced into Japan, and integrated with Japanese culture.

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Jan 03 ,2018 SERIES

First Skiing

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Jan 03 ,2018

"Reasons for the high popularity of Hakone Ekiden (Hakone Relay) that fascinated the Japanese"

One of the indispensable activities in Japanese New Year's Day is watching the "Hakone Ekiden".
It is said that the audience rating of such popular show is more than 20%.

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Jan 02 ,2018 SERIES

Lucky to eat in New Year's Holiday

Happy new year, everyone!
Please take a lot care of yuko series this year!

In Japan, the first few days of the new year are called New Year's Holiday.
The Japanese has the habit of praying for good luck, so there are various customs in the New Year's Holiday.

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Jan 01 ,2018

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
Thank you for all of your help last year.

This movie expresses the greetings of new year.

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Dec 31 ,2017

Can not celebrate the New Year without hearing this bells ?! The bells on New Year's Eve.

Today is the last day of 2017. In Japan, the last day of the year is called "Omisoka". Preparing for the New Year's Day before Omisoka and waiting for the coming new year are the basic way to celebrate the such festival.

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Dec 29 ,2017 SERIES

Cosmetic salt

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Dec 29 ,2017

What is the "Osechi-ryori" eaten in New Year's Holidays?

"My friends, have you prepare for the New Year's Day?
In Japan, people usually spend New Year's Day with their family.
Then the special dishes appeared on the dining tables are called "Osechi-ryori".
Osechi-ryori is a kind of Japanese cuisine which is prepared at the end of the year and eaten in New Year's Holidays with family members.
Every kind of cuisine is placed the "hope" of new year.
Now, let's get to know the "Osechi-ryori" in detail !"

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