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Souvenir Tax Exemption

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Unexpected meeting again II

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Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : February - Bean and Sardine Dishes [ Japan Culture Project ]

Setsubun marks the end of winter. While the following day saw the shift to spring, surviving the cold season was by no means easy in the old days. The role of Setsubun was to banish this evil cold, and to invite the gods of spring in.

[ Event ]
Setsubun (The Bean-Throwing Festival)
Early February, the day before spring

[ Ingredients ]
Been, Sardine, Eho-Maki (Sushi roll)

[ Wishing plate ]
Beans, "mame", express the prayer for the defeat of evil, "mametsu", for the safety of the household and protection from fire.

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Feb 01 ,2020 SERIES

【episode 19】The SDS And PREP Methods

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Unexpected meeting again

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【episode 18】Eliminate Mistakes!

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Personal Taxi IV

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【episode 17】Guarantee To Pass

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A Fox Bride

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Personal Taxi III

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Jan 13 ,2020

Coming-of-Age Day Full attention to the day to be female adult!

In Japan, the second Monday in January is "Coming-of-Age Day".
* The Coming-of-Age Day of 2020 will be held on January 13.
This day, all over the Japan will celebrate this festival, and people will see Japan's young men and women who would have been incorporated into the adult ranks wearing beautiful traditional furisode or a suit. This time I am going to focus on the day of new adult women.

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