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Sunflower Coop Group

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Dec 10 ,2017 AD

Fukuoka Travel Guide - Motsunabe

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Dec 10 ,2017

The Oldest Amusement Park in Japan! We Gave the Asakusa Hanayashiki a Whirl!

Amusement parks were the best when we were little!
The oldest park in Japan is located in Asakusa.

It's called the Asakusa Hanayashiki, or Flower Garden.
It's a little ways
from Asakusa Station beyond Sensoji Temple.

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School !!

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How to use soy sauce for dipping II

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Dec 08 ,2017

Surprised me, this flavor is also……?!You can find all the upgraded table seasonings in DAISO JAPAN.

Japanese basic table seasonings,
needless to say such basic models, but DAISO JAPAN actually has provided the taste surprising the Japanese themselves!!!

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Dec 07 ,2017

Snow! Snow! Snow! Great Spots to Enjoy Snow, Popular Amongst Japanese Locals and Foreign Tourists!

Did you know that Japan's actually the country with the most snowfall in the world?
We're going to list up some of the greatest spots to enjoy the magnificent Japanese snow for those who want to experience it, from the north all the way down to the south!

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Dec 06 ,2017

Permanent Cherished Version! Japanese lecture part1. Hiragana, which can be used all the time.

Now we have learnt Japanese words and sentences.
This time let's learn "Basis of Japanese Foundation" !

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Dec 05 ,2017

Introduction of three main area of Tokyo! Landscape map for 2017 illuminations!

The people may know the "illuminations landscape", the Japanese scenery in winter which is even very popular overseas!
Then as a short-stay traveler in Japan, how to enjoy such scenery as much as possible within the limited time?
Here, we'd like to introduce the summary landscape map for illuminations in the three downtown area to you.

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Kiyoe, 30

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