Oct 29 ,2017 AD

Fukuoka Travel Guide -Udon

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Oct 29 ,2017

You Can Go Fishing in the Middle of the City?! A New Japanese Pub Sensation!

Japan is synonymous with its food! And of course Japanese cuisine wouldn't be complete without fish cuisine! So, we went to a place where they cook up fish that you catch--Zauo!

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Oct 28 ,2017 SERIES

Halloween !

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Oct 28 ,2017

The Japanese Rice Wine Vending Machine of Your Dreams?! Enjoy Japanese Sake to Your Heart's Content!

Have you ever heard the word, "kakuuchi"?
Kakuuchi means standing and drinking at a liquor store.
In Japan, there are many liquor stores where you can do kakuuchi, though we will present places with Japanese sake vending machines that will excite adults! Just what is Japanese sake anyway? If you've ever wondered this, then be sure to check out this article!

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Oct 27 ,2017 SERIES

Kome No Togijiru

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Oct 27 ,2017

Let's buy a Lucky Charm as a souvenir !

Have you had any trouble what souvenir you should buy whether you come to Japan ?
Snacks ? Weird stuff you found in Japan ? Maybe there’s too much choice that you couldn’t decided.
Let me introduced another souvenir that might interest you. It is..

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Oct 25 ,2017 SERIES

Disposable Handwarmer

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Oct 24 ,2017 SERIES

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

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Oct 24 ,2017 AD

Did you already download "NHK WORLD TV"?

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Oct 23 ,2017 SERIES

Your Name

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Oct 23 ,2017


Trick or Treat!
Halloween draws nigh!
Are you guys ready for it?!

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Oct 22 ,2017 AD

Fukuoka Travel Guide - Double-decker bus3

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