Oct 22 ,2017

Welcome to the Spirit Realm..!? A Peek Inside the Haunted Izakaya in Kichijouji!

Halloween's just around the corner!
It's a happening time in Japan, what with everyone dressing up and having a good time... and that's fun and all, but why not grab a seat and have a drink surrounded by Japanese ghosts, or Yuurei in Japanese? You could be in for a real scare!
We're going to introduce you to a scary, fun, and delicious Izakaya bar.

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Oct 21 ,2017 SERIES

Rice Ball

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Oct 20 ,2017 SERIES


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Oct 20 ,2017

Fashion Snap@Ikebukuro

In this Fashion Snap, we'll be making a jump from Harajuku to Ikebukuro.
Ikebukuro is known as a city of otaku girls, and we happened upon some otaku girl fashionistas who fit the bill.
Harsh fluctuations in temperature occur throughout the month of October, but what are the fashionistas of Ikebukuro doing to deal with this?

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Oct 19 ,2017

Fall Leaves and Japanese Maple Trees! When's the Best Time to Visit in 2017?

Autumn is a season of red leaves.

Did you know there's only a relative few countries in the world where you can see red leaves in autumn?
They can only be seen in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.

Of the few places where one can properly experience autumn, Japan is known to have some of the most varied and beautiful colors.
We're going to let you know the best time this year to visit so you can see them.

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Oct 18 ,2017 SERIES


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Oct 17 ,2017 SERIES


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Oct 17 ,2017

Let’s try staying at full-of-idea Capsule Hotel !

You might have heard about “Capsule Hotel” in Japan before. Capsule Hotel is a kind of accommodation, invented in Japan. Explained it easily, it is an really, really small place as a capsule to stay.

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Oct 16 ,2017 SERIES

Passing Down Secret Techniques

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Oct 16 ,2017 SERIES

Yuko's Collection: Malaysia

Travel the world with Yuko-chan!
In this corner, Yuko-chan will present native dress from countries around the world.

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Oct 15 ,2017 AD

Fukuoka Travel Guide - Double-decker bus2

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Oct 15 ,2017

Izakaya Beginners to Veterans! 5 Types of Classic Otsumami

In the last article we discussed Japanese izakaya, but this time we will present Japanese snacks served there that go well with alcohol! From standard otsumami to those that require some courage, stick with us to possibly pave the way for new food discoveries!

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