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Jan 09 ,2020

Lost in beautiful Japanese patterns, so please play the "Hanafuda" in the new year's holidays !

Do you know the "Hanafuda", a traditional Japanese card game? Recently, due to the help of an anime film and its famous characters, Hanafuda has been drawn people's attention gradually. Maybe you've watch it, but don't know its specific rules. So I'd like to introduce the Hanafuda and its gameplay to such people.

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Jan 07 ,2020 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : January - Seven-Herb Rice Porridge [ Japan Culture Project ]

January 7th marks Jinjitsu or Human Day, one of the five seasonal festivals (Jinjitsu, Jōji, Tango, Shichiseki, Chōyō). The five festivals, originating from China, happen on odd day and month numbers. In China, odd numbers are "positive", and overlapping positives are deemed unlucky. However, in Japan these days became national holidays for banishing evil.

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Jan 06 ,2020 SERIES

Personal Taxi II

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Jan 06 ,2020

The beautiful spirit of Japanese ~ Express blessings with Mizuhiki ~

Have you noticed? The Japanese shugibukuro (special envelope for monetary gifts), kagami-mochi / round rice cake and kadomatsu for New Year decoration are all decorated with beautiful "paper strings". Moreover, these paper strings are in all kinds of shapes... !

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【episode 15】Complete Failure

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Jan 03 ,2020

So many good things?! Get the Fukubukuro!!

One of the biggest part of Japanese New Year's season. Many os shops (department store, clothing store, and others) sell the popular items in so called "Lucky Bag," or also know as "Fukubukuro," at super discounted prices. So, let's go to have a look!

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Jan 02 ,2020

Even the game in New Year's Holiday is full of moral!

In Japan, there are many traditional games that are played only during the New Year. For example, the most well-known are Kite flying, Hanetsuki, and Karuta.

At first glance it is a child's play, but in fact the deep meaning is hidden behind!

Let we introduce 4 new year's activities and their meanings.

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Jan 01 ,2020 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : New Year - Osechi Cuisine [ Japan Culture Project ]

New Year's Day is one of the most important in Japan, and families spend it together. This is a special cuisine eaten for the first meal of the New Year, and it is the most valued of ceremonial dishes.

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Jan 01 ,2020


We show our sincere thanks to the ones who concerned Manga de Japan in 2019.

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Dec 31 ,2019

Can not celebrate the New Year without hearing this bells ?! The end of a year shall be declared by the bells on New Year's Eve.

Today is the last day of 2019.
In Japan, the last day of the year is called "Omisoka". Preparing for the New Year's Day before Omisoka and waiting for the coming new year are the basic way to celebrate the such festival.

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