Oct 01 ,2017 SERIES

Yuko-chan and the Many Varieties of Fall in Japan

In Japan, many variations of the season of fall exist.
"Fall appetite", "fall reading", "fall sports", "fall art", "fall sleep", "fall holiday" and more. Let's take a look at the many versions of fall in Japan!

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Sep 30 ,2017 SERIES

Extremely Spicy !

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Sep 30 ,2017

Transform into a Princess! A Purikura Date with the Prince of Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to become a princess?
Well, there's a purikura machine that will grant you that very wish!
Purikura is a machine at Japan's video game arcades that lets you take a closeup or full body picture, then lets you decorate it with stickers and brush it up. The latest model...
Transforms you into a princess so you can be escorted away by a prince!

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Sep 29 ,2017 SERIES

How to Eat Grilled Fish

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Sep 28 ,2017

Not Just a Toy Anymore! The Scoop on Japanese Gacha Machines!

Capsule toys' roots originated in America.
Then, in 1965, they were imported into Japan and were called "Gacha gacha" or "Gachapon".

Gacha gacha were installed at places such as video game arcades and shopping centers and became a household name for children due to their cheap price.

However, the winds of change have begun to blow for the Gacha gacha industry!
Let's take a look at what is happening with Japan's Gacha gacha.

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Sep 27 ,2017 SERIES

Chrysanthemum Figures

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Sep 27 ,2017 SERIES

Beauty Drop Skin Lotion that Gives You Firm Skin?!

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Sep 26 ,2017 SERIES

Drawing !

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Sep 26 ,2017 AD

Easy Travel Japanese #1 Iidesuka?

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Sep 25 ,2017 SERIES

No Alibi Needed

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Sep 25 ,2017 AD

TOKYO EYE 2020 Popular Tokyo Spots – Evolved!

You may know popular Tokyo tourist destinations like cat cafes and game arcades, but this time, we'll take a look at spots that are taking those concepts to the next level!

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Sep 24 ,2017 AD

Fukuoka Travel Guide -Ramen

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