Sep 05 ,2017

5 Popular Deep-Sea Fish in Japan with Faces That Frighten Monsters!

A deep-sea fish is one that lives 200m below the surface of the ocean. Most have evolved peculiar looks in order to protect themselves from the extreme water pressures at that depth. These creepy deep-sea critters are extremely popular in Japan lately, despite their looks! Here, we'll present some of the more popular spooky deep-sea fish with some nice illustrations!

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Sep 04 ,2017 SERIES

Starry Sky Distance

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Sep 03 ,2017

Fashion Snap @Omotesando

This time, Fashion Snap is changing up our location from Harajuku to Omotesando. The weather in Tokyo continues to be bad weather unbefitting of Summer, though we've discovered some glamorous fashionistas strolling down the fashioned-refined streets of Omotesando!

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Sep 02 ,2017

What Clothes Are Weather Appropriate for September to November?

Japan has four seasons.
September to November is fall in Japan.

It's the coolest, most comfortable season in the year,
and the food during fall is also pretty delicious.

Here, we will help explain what kind of clothes to wear and temperatures to expect in Tokyo for anyone thinking of traveling to Japan during the fall.
Maybe it could take some worries off your mind?

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Sep 01 ,2017 SERIES

Daruma-san fell down!

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Sep 01 ,2017 SERIES

Sushi Restaurant Teacups

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Aug 31 ,2017

The Definitive High-Tech Feature: The Karaoke Voice Changer!

Are you tired of just plain, old karaoke singing?
Well, then we recommend the latest feature at karaoke--the "voice changer"!
This fantastic feature can alter your voice to accompany a variety of songs.

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Aug 30 ,2017 AD

TOKYO EYE 2020 Tokyo DIY

One of Japan's latest trends is DIY: do-it-yourself. From creating your own jewelry to workshops that bring you in touch with fine craftsmanship, we'll visit spots where you can have fun DIY-style.

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Aug 30 ,2017 SERIES

Summer-Festival Hospitality Technique!!

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Aug 29 ,2017

PRAIBIE like be misehievous

“PRAIBIE AND GIRL” is a serialization commemorating the 5000 followers of facebook!!

The second episode is going to be released on September 1.
please expect to have fun and wait!!

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Aug 29 ,2017 AD

A Peak at Nagano

Nagano is known both for inspiring vistas and for simple pleasures like pure water and tasty foods.
Relax and let your senses explore.

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Aug 28 ,2017 SERIES

An Adult's Day Off

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