Jul 02 ,2018

BBQ and a Rollercoaster? Sign Me Up!

Amusement parks were the best when we were little!
The oldest park in Japan is located in Asakusa.
It's called the Asakusa Hanayashiki, or Flower Garden.
It's a little ways
from Asakusa Station beyond Sensoji Temple.

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Jun 29 ,2018

Goldengai, Shinjuku

Goldengai, Shinjuku has been quite famous since the forty years of Showa (1965), which is a food street located in 1-chome, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

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Jun 22 ,2018 SERIES


Interested in beauty but not sure where to begin? Join Yuki and her friends as she shares skincare tips and tricks to get healthy and radiant skin! 

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Jun 19 ,2018

Torii, Oarai Isosaki-Jinja

Oarai Isosaki-Jinja is guarded on the mound in the east of Ibaraki Prefecture, facing the Pacific. While the Torii on the reef, which is built on the opposite of the Oarai Isosaki-Jinja, is a sacred place where photographers must come to find a view, and it is the best place to watch the sunrise. This time, I will introduce to you the Torii of Oarai Isosaki-Jinja.

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Jun 14 ,2018

Full of adult's charm! Let's take a walk at the extremely popular Ueno!

Ueno is one of the more popular attractions in the Taito, Tokyo. Speaking of Ueno, everyone will think of its representative tourist attraction, Ueno Zoo, which is famous for panda, but there is not only panda here! There are also many places where the adults may like very much! This time let's learn more about Ueno.

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Jun 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Go to the famous scenic spots with ajisai ]

As to the different season in every month, I'm used to introduce to you the various traditional ritual activities in Japan, but in June, there is not any special activity. As a festival superpower, the June is the only month which has no any Japanese traditional festival. Yet after June, the summer is coming, it is the time for bathing beach opened, and some big events in summer vacation will come in a continuous stream, so now we have to spend such leisure and comfort June.

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May 31 ,2018

Soft and elastic♡Experience squishy making in Harajuku.

Super squishy with soft and rich elastic touch!
And in the Takeshita Street of Harajuku, there is a professional classroom to teach people how to make such addictive squishy!!

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May 24 ,2018

Experience real bonsai in Tokyo! "Shunkaen Bonsai Museum"

"Bonsai" is a kind of Japanese art form that was introduced from China and rooted in Japan and built its own unique culture. And now there is a museum where people can enjoy, learn and understand the art of bonsai--Shunkaen Bonsai Museum

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May 22 ,2018

Pick your favorite and enjoy yourself! Cafe YU

When talking about "Japan", people will think of "Wa"
Then do you know the shop when you can enjoy the Japanese-style coffee?

To enjoy the cuisine ladled in the fired pottery, such cafe shop is just in Osaka.

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May 19 ,2018

Manga design exhibition is started on today!

Manga design exhibition is started on May 19 in Osaka University of Arts sky campus in Abeno Haruka 24th floor of Osaka.

We use manga design in the showpiece of manga design exhibition.

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May 01 ,2018

We've decided where to go during the GW this year! "Go to visit the Hiroshima Flower Festival! "

Comprehensive Flower Parade
On the first day, namely the May 3rd, the performers will carry on the Flower Parade on the Hiroshima Peace Boulevard of about 1.2km with flower clothes, we call it FF (Flower Festival).
At that time, the competitors of Hiroshima Toyo Carp will also participate in the Flower Parade!

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Apr 26 ,2018

Blue Dream Ocean of Nemofira! 〜Hitachi Seaside Park〜

In this season, a wide variety of flowers are blooming all over the Japan. And I heard that, in recent years, there has been a high-profile hanami resort---"Hitachi Seaside Park", so I went there in person!

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