Feb 14 ,2018

Girls in love are very busy! Valentine's Day!

The chocolate is only given to the people you like on Valentine's Day, is that out of date? !
Let's take a look at the current Valentine's Day!

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Feb 02 ,2018

Introduce Ehoumaki with manga!

Ehoumaki is a kind of Makizushi eats on Setsubun while facing the lucky direction (the year's lucky compass direction). It contains the meaning of "rolling fortune", which is auspicious and a traditional activity in Japan.

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Jan 31 ,2018

If you eat once, you will be captured by its delicacy? Hiroshima special taste—Okonomiyaki

One of Japanese national cuisine is "Okonomiyaki".

The basic material of Okonomiyaki is batter, after adding the ingredients such as vegetables, meat and seafood, cooked on the iron plate, and seasoned with sauces, mayonnaise, aonori, then can be served immediately.
Its cooking methods and materials are varied from place to place.

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Jan 24 ,2018

Japanese Local Ramen Map !

Ramen, the unique Japanese classic food which can be comparable with sushi.
In recent years, the number of ramen restaurant expanding overseas has been increasing very fast and attracting lots of popularity.

However, the charm of Japanese ramen has not been fully transferred to the overseas diners.
In fact, there are many "local ramen" which develop independently throughout the Japan.

This time, let's take a look at the local ramen throughout the Japan.

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Jan 18 ,2018

Special collection of classic Omiyage, Tokyo

What's the best Omiyage in Tokyo?
There are various gifts all over the Japan gathered in the Tokyo's gift shop.

Which one should buy, I am hesitant ... you may think that is Tokyo's specialty, but if you look at it carefully, you maybe find it is produced elsewhere! I think a lot of people have gone through such experience.

This time I will collect some classic specialties originated in Tokyo, you must be happy if you find my information.

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Jan 16 ,2018

Milk shake x Potato Chips x "Alcohol" ?! THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO in Omotesando

Sweet shake matched with crunchy potato chips ?!
The "SHAKE & CHIPS", a new collocation which means dipping chips with milk shake, was put forward by a specialty store "THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO(hereinafter referred as S&C)" in Omotesando.

I'd like to introduce to you the charm of this shop!

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Jan 04 ,2018

To celebrate a healthy New Year, just eating Nanakusagayu!

In Japan, the Nanakusagayu is a regular meal that shall be eaten in the morning of January 7.
Originally, it was in Heian period that many Chinese customs and manners such as eating Nanakusagayu were introduced into Japan, and integrated with Japanese culture.

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Dec 29 ,2017

What is the "Osechi-ryori" eaten in New Year's Holidays?

"My friends, have you prepare for the New Year's Day?
In Japan, people usually spend New Year's Day with their family.
Then the special dishes appeared on the dining tables are called "Osechi-ryori".
Osechi-ryori is a kind of Japanese cuisine which is prepared at the end of the year and eaten in New Year's Holidays with family members.
Every kind of cuisine is placed the "hope" of new year.
Now, let's get to know the "Osechi-ryori" in detail !"

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Dec 28 ,2017

Japanese Food List of Surprising Foreigners 2017

The Japanese food is very delicious, and even more popular overseas, but, some foreigners will still be surprising to say "Are you kidding? This really can be eaten?"
So, I asked some foreign friends living in Japan !
The latest statistical result for 2017 is like this!

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Dec 20 ,2017

It is not edible, but the report of production & experience on "Replica Foods" in Japanese culture!

Do you know something called "Replica Foods"?
When you are in Japan, you will find high-quality "Replica Foods" everywhere in restaurant.
I heard that there are some places where we can experience the production of "Replica Foods", a unique culture in Japan, this time I have gone to a shop called "Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya" at Kappabashi of Asakusa !

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Dec 08 ,2017

Surprised me, this flavor is also……?!You can find all the upgraded table seasonings in DAISO JAPAN.

Japanese basic table seasonings,
needless to say such basic models, but DAISO JAPAN actually has provided the taste surprising the Japanese themselves!!!

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Dec 02 ,2017

"Drink intravenous drip?" Then come to drink the amazake brought from temple on the New Year's Day.

Do you know a milky drink called the "amazake" which is often seen during the festival or the New Year's first visit to the temples and shrines?
Although the word is written with "sake", it's not alcoholic beverages, this is a kind of soft drink even the minors can drink.
Now let me introduce the reality of the amazake which is popular with ladies recently!

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