Apr 24 ,2018

Need-To-Know for Ramen Fancier! How to buy meal coupons?

Ramen is Japan's national food, and has the same high popularity with sushi and tempura!
There are many ramen restaurants throughout the Japan so that you can enjoy delicious ramen anywhere. But for foreigners, it is still a bit difficult to eat authentic ramen...!

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Apr 21 ,2018

Asakusa Sensoji Temple Kaminarimon Top Chochin

Tarou:"Wow, so beautiful..."

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Apr 20 ,2018

A coffee shop where you may meet with Buddhist monk! Tera Cafe Daikanyama!

In addition to tasting washoku, you can also experience Buddhist scriptures transcription, rosary making and so on at Tera Cafe Daikanyama, where is a coffee shop to realize Buddhism with a light heart.This time I have gone to this shop with an individual style.

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Apr 14 ,2018

The Theme Park in Shitamachi: Arakawa Yuen!

Arakawa Yuen is the only public park in Tokyo's 23 districts.
It is located in a residential area where has the civilian intimacy and nostalgic atmosphere!
This theme park was opened in the 11th year of Taisho (1922), where has always been a fun place for children and adults.

Here, I would like to introduce the unique charm of Arakawa Yuen!

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Apr 12 ,2018

Miyuki Shokudou

Miyuki Shokudou is a famous Tokyo canteen that is often seen in Japanese comics, TV series, etc. This time I went there once in person.

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Apr 06 ,2018

Powerful backup for fans! What does "Live Viewing" mean?

Japanese live concert, stage performance, 2.5-modality Musical, sports event ...do you want to watch such activities? However, some people may hesitate because they can not buy tickets, or they are far away from the venue, or they are not so brave, or other reasons...For such people, I recommend them to watch "Live Viewing"! Then what does Live Viewing mean? How to watch it? So, this time I will introduce to you the LV!

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Mar 29 ,2018 AD

Make Your Own List Jam-Packed with Japan's Finest!

Sure makes you feel like dreaming big! Now it's your turn to head on over to NHK World's Travel Japan site and check it out!

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Mar 24 ,2018

Won't such ice cream melt?! Kanazawa Ice!

The ice cream that melts while eating has already out of date?!
It is the current ice cream that will not melt and can also be used as decorations!
I've been to such modern ice cream shop once!

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Mar 20 ,2018

It's very popular on SNS! Drawing materials from automatic vending coffee shop!

At Ame-mura in Osaka, there is a yellow door that looks like a vending machine!
At first glance, is it just a vending machine?
Actually, it is!
Coffee Stand! And I really went there myself!

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Mar 17 ,2018

Not only Takeshita street! But also the Harajuku's hidden sightseeing spot!

Harajuku is located in Shibuya, Tokyo.
There are many famous tourist spots such as Takeshita and Omotesando where are full of bustling young people, as well as others fashion district where hide lots of fascinating attractions.
This time I will introduce to you the place that is suitable for publishing photos on ins in the form of quiz!

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Mar 14 ,2018

We can do much more!? Let's fully enjoy the efficient service of Japanese convenience stores!

Some convenience stores are open twenty-four hours a day and all year round.
In such convenience stores, you can not only purchase a variety of items, but also can enjoy a lot of convenient services!
If you understand these services in advance, that will be of great help to you! Now let me introduce to you the ways to flexibly and effectively enjoy the services of such convenience stores.
Click here to see what you can buy unexpectedly!

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Mar 08 ,2018

Tokyo also has a fictitious land of peace?! That must be "Todoroki Valley" where is rich in nature.

Todoroki Valley is located in a quiet residential area of Setagaya, Tokyo, which is the only valley in the twenty-three districts of Tokyo. One side is lush, the other is clean water, that is a really paradise, leaving you to forget that you are in Tokyo.

In addition to the natural beauty, there are many shrines, Japanese teahouse and wagashi shop.

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