Mar 07 ,2018

Japan's Sakura Blossom Map in Spring and Five Ohanami Resort

Speaking of spring, we must think of sakura.
Many people will come to Japan this season in order to watch the sakura.
Then, I will introduce to you the best time and good scenic spots for ohanamii.

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Feb 22 ,2018

Let's take JR Chuo Line to visit cat-store!

Cat owners shall take Chuo Line to visit such cat-stores!

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Feb 17 ,2018 AD

Warm Welcome from OITA-2-

In February, when much of Japan is shivering,
NHK WORLD sets its sights on the country's hot spot for hot springs.
Come along and feel the warmth of the environment and
the people who live there.

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Feb 16 ,2018 AD

Warm Welcome from OITA-1-

Oita Prefecture is located in northern Kyushu,
a region known as the "Gateway to Asia".
It is filled with hot springs (onsen), where visitors soak away
their stress in natural baths. It's also a place where the food
and the lifestyle are close to the land.

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Feb 08 ,2018

Let's support Tokyo Marathon 2018, one of six World Marathon Majors! You can also enjoy it!

The annual grand gymnastic show, "Tokyo Marathon 2018" will be held on February 25 (Sunday). Then there will be more than 35,000 people running from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Shinjuku) to Tokyo Station (Chiyoda), passing many places of interest of Tokyo.

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Feb 05 ,2018

No reason not being moved! Let's go to "Hokkaido·Sapporo Snow Festival"!

Every year, about two million people from home and abroad come to visit this Japanese winter festival,

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Jan 23 ,2018 AD

The sculpture only can be seen in winter!?

Do you know a kind of sculpture that can only be seen in winter?
Let's uncover its beautiful mystery!

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Jan 20 ,2018

You can learn interesting things about instant noodles. I went to the CUPNOODLES Museum Yokohama!

After pouring into boiling water for a few minutes...
a cup of hot instant noodles is ready!
This simple and delicious "instant noodles" were invented in Japan.
And I visited the "CUPNOODLES Museum Yokohama" to experience, eat, and enjoy the instant noodles!

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Jan 19 ,2018

The world's most lovely Purikura shop! Moreru Mignon!

A dreamy shop with full of cute!
Let me introduce to you the Moreru Mignon, where the girls can hold their most lovely gesture!

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Jan 09 ,2018 AD

Let's go to Tokoname Central Japan International Airport and Pottery Street!

The Central Japan International Airport is located at Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.

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Jan 08 ,2018

Let's collect 7 kinds of blessings! Shichifukujin Meguri

One of activities in New Year's Holiday of Japan——Shichifukujin Meguri, like its name, people shall go to shrines or temples to visit seven gods.
Well, before the ceremony, let me introduce the seven lucky gods to you!

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Dec 19 ,2017 AD

"A treasure house of happiness! Kabukicho!"

With famous movie monsters, dancing robots and one-of-a-kind bars, Kabukicho has become a hot new spot for tourists from abroad.

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