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May 15 ,2018

Interesting! The calls of animals in different countries!

Do you imitate animals when you were in your childhood?
For us, how to express the calls of animals in other countries?

This time I'd like to introduce to you the different calls of the same animal in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean!

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May 11 ,2018

Shocked! The facts behind the wig in cosplay!

Cosplay is a kind of unique Japanese culture.
But no one can find the hard work hidden behind the beautiful cosplay!

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May 10 ,2018

Permanent Cherished Version! Japanese Lecture for Sustainable Use · Review & Summary +α

↓The previous lectures are available, please click here.↓

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May 08 ,2018 SERIES

Enjoy the powerful Performance! Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-

It is sudden, but are you sick of your vacation and travel plans which are not much different from the others? Are you looking for a slightly different sightseeing than usual?

If the answers are yes, here’s special information you’ll like. Then, we’ll give you some information about Japanese performing arts peculiar to a locality. Let us introduce about Shishimai.

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May 08 ,2018

Let's take a look at the latest Japanese Mother's Day gift!

In Japan, shortly after the May Day Golden Week, it will be the "Mother's Day".
Just like the United States and Australia, Japanese Mother’s Day is also on the second Sunday in May of every year, so the 2018 Mother’s Day in Japan will be on May 13.
Then let's take a look at the gifts for Japanese Mother's Day.

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May 03 ,2018

Goshuin which can be collected in Kita-Kamakura

Have you collected goshuin?
Have you been to Kita-Kakura?
Today, I'd like to introduce to you the goshuin in the Kamakura Gozan Temples.

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May 02 ,2018 SERIES

Golden Week

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May 02 ,2018

Japanese Tango no Sekku

"TAKAO ""Hi, KIYOMI! It's time to Tango no Sekku on May 5th""
KIYOMI""Ah? What is Tango no Sekku?""
TAKAO ""Goddess, don't you know the Tango no Sekku? It's hopeless at all. I'll teach you."""

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Apr 25 ,2018 SERIES

Armor Display

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Apr 24 ,2018

Need-To-Know for Ramen Fancier! How to buy meal coupons?

Ramen is Japan's national food, and has the same high popularity with sushi and tempura!
There are many ramen restaurants throughout the Japan so that you can enjoy delicious ramen anywhere. But for foreigners, it is still a bit difficult to eat authentic ramen...!

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Apr 23 ,2018

"GOMAYA KUKI", a speciality store sells sesame ice cream which is the world's most flavorful !?

Speaking of Japan's unique taste,
many people will think of matcha, plums, and azuki beans...
But this time we want to introduce to you the "sesame"!

In Omotesando, Tokyo, there is a speciality store"GOMAYA KUKI",
which is known as its world's most flavorful sesame ice cream.

As a new Japan's unique taste, the ice cream here is the most delicate
and tasteful that you can enjoy the unprecedented delicacy of sesame!

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