Dec 17 ,2017

Need not leave Tokyo ! Hot springs in Tokyo that you can go !

In the long, cold winter, will you suddenly nostalgia for the warm spring? When it comes to the hot springs, it may be reminiscent of mountainous areas far away from Tokyo, but in fact, there are some hot springs in Tokyo as well.

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Dec 16 ,2017

Date on Christmas? & Young Japanese recommendations for date spot!

Date on Japanese Christmas?
Maybe many foreigners hold such image.
In fact, in order to study how to spend Christmas for young Japanese guys, we built a questionnaire survey of 40 men and women in twenties this time!

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Dec 12 ,2017 AD

A really unique bicycle tour experience to visit and enjoy the magnificent landscape!

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Dec 10 ,2017

The Oldest Amusement Park in Japan! We Gave the Asakusa Hanayashiki a Whirl!

Amusement parks were the best when we were little!
The oldest park in Japan is located in Asakusa.

It's called the Asakusa Hanayashiki, or Flower Garden.
It's a little ways
from Asakusa Station beyond Sensoji Temple.

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Dec 07 ,2017

Snow! Snow! Snow! Great Spots to Enjoy Snow, Popular Amongst Japanese Locals and Foreign Tourists!

Did you know that Japan's actually the country with the most snowfall in the world?
We're going to list up some of the greatest spots to enjoy the magnificent Japanese snow for those who want to experience it, from the north all the way down to the south!

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Dec 05 ,2017

Introduction of three main area of Tokyo! Landscape map for 2017 illuminations!

The people may know the "illuminations landscape", the Japanese scenery in winter which is even very popular overseas!
Then as a short-stay traveler in Japan, how to enjoy such scenery as much as possible within the limited time?
Here, we'd like to introduce the summary landscape map for illuminations in the three downtown area to you.

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Dec 02 ,2017

"Drink intravenous drip?" Then come to drink the amazake brought from temple on the New Year's Day.

Do you know a milky drink called the "amazake" which is often seen during the festival or the New Year's first visit to the temples and shrines?
Although the word is written with "sake", it's not alcoholic beverages, this is a kind of soft drink even the minors can drink.
Now let me introduce the reality of the amazake which is popular with ladies recently!

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Nov 25 ,2017

C3 AFA Nishitetsu Corner Report!

This time, we visited the Nishi Nihon Tetsudo Corner at the world's largest anime event, C3 AFA, which is currently being held in Singapore on November 24, 25, and 26!

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Nov 18 ,2017

The Expanding World of Japanese Anime! C3 AFA Singapore 2017!

Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the premiere celebration of J-Pop culture in three southeast Asian countries since 2008, will be combining forces with this year's C3 character event to create C3 AFA, a festival providing exciting content to even more fans in southeast Asia!

Starting in June, events were be held one after the other in Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Tokyo, Japan, and the final event will be taking place over three days in Singapore from November 24th to the 26th!

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Nov 11 ,2017

Great Spots to Walk Around in Kawagoe: A Town Brimming with an Edo Ambience!

Great Spots to Walk Around in Kawagoe: A Town Brimming with an Edo Ambience!

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Oct 29 ,2017

You Can Go Fishing in the Middle of the City?! A New Japanese Pub Sensation!

Japan is synonymous with its food! And of course Japanese cuisine wouldn't be complete without fish cuisine! So, we went to a place where they cook up fish that you catch--Zauo!

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Oct 28 ,2017

The Japanese Rice Wine Vending Machine of Your Dreams?! Enjoy Japanese Sake to Your Heart's Content!

Have you ever heard the word, "kakuuchi"?
Kakuuchi means standing and drinking at a liquor store.
In Japan, there are many liquor stores where you can do kakuuchi, though we will present places with Japanese sake vending machines that will excite adults! Just what is Japanese sake anyway? If you've ever wondered this, then be sure to check out this article!

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