Oct 22 ,2017

Welcome to the Spirit Realm..!? A Peek Inside the Haunted Izakaya in Kichijouji!

Halloween's just around the corner!
It's a happening time in Japan, what with everyone dressing up and having a good time... and that's fun and all, but why not grab a seat and have a drink surrounded by Japanese ghosts, or Yuurei in Japanese? You could be in for a real scare!
We're going to introduce you to a scary, fun, and delicious Izakaya bar.

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Oct 04 ,2017

Presenting Great Spots in Enoshima in Autumn!

Enoshima is famous for the fact that you can go there for a day trip from Tokyo. Brimming with nature, the summer sea, the beautiful sunsets of autumn, and the light displays of winter--it's a popular sightseeing spot enjoyable year-round.
This time, we'll show you essential great spots to check out on Enoshima during autumn.

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Sep 30 ,2017

Transform into a Princess! A Purikura Date with the Prince of Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to become a princess?
Well, there's a purikura machine that will grant you that very wish!
Purikura is a machine at Japan's video game arcades that lets you take a closeup or full body picture, then lets you decorate it with stickers and brush it up. The latest model...
Transforms you into a princess so you can be escorted away by a prince!

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Sep 25 ,2017 AD

TOKYO EYE 2020 Popular Tokyo Spots – Evolved!

You may know popular Tokyo tourist destinations like cat cafes and game arcades, but this time, we'll take a look at spots that are taking those concepts to the next level!

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Sep 18 ,2017

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

What did the scenery look like in Japan several centuries ago?
Take a peek at Osaka during the Edo period in manga!

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Sep 16 ,2017

Savor It While You Can! A Luxury Meal at the World's No. 1 Fish Market - Tsukiji Market

The Tsukiji Market is a wholesale market located in Tokyo. All the seafood caught in Japan is brought here -- so much, in fact, that it is said to be the No. 1 fish market in the world.The area surrounding the market is packed with shops featuring specialty gourmet dishes such as fresh sushi and seafood bowls, fried eggs, as well as ramen noodle shops even loved by professional dealers.

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Sep 14 ,2017

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2017

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2017 is an event being held every year since 2012, aiming to create business matching opportunities for companies from Kansai and Kanto region, to build a steady environment for young creators from Kansai, to promote manga and anime among manga and anime fans from Japan and overseas, and to develop the contents industry in the Kansai region.

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Sep 11 ,2017

A Place You Won't Want to Miss in Tokyo! Beer Mount: The Best View of the Whole City

A 1-hour train ride from Shinjuku!
Takaosan is a popular mountain climbing spot in the city that also recently received a THREE STAR rating from the Michelin guide.
Now, at the 500m peak of Takaosan, you can experience an exceptional all-you-can-eat (or drink!) restaurant at Takaosan Beer Mount.

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Sep 07 ,2017

The Oldest Amusement Park in Japan! We Gave the Asakusa Hanayashiki a Whirl!

Amusement parks were the best when we were little!
The oldest park in Japan is located in Asakusa.
It's called the Asakusa Hanayashiki, or Flower Garden.
It's a little ways
from Asakusa Station beyond Sensoji Temple.

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Sep 05 ,2017

5 Popular Deep-Sea Fish in Japan with Faces That Frighten Monsters!

A deep-sea fish is one that lives 200m below the surface of the ocean. Most have evolved peculiar looks in order to protect themselves from the extreme water pressures at that depth. These creepy deep-sea critters are extremely popular in Japan lately, despite their looks! Here, we'll present some of the more popular spooky deep-sea fish with some nice illustrations!

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Aug 27 ,2017

The Heart of the Serpent-Loving Maiden

Have you ever wanted to play with a snake, but didn't have the means or opportunity to do so? Well, now a snake-loving maiden such as yourself can do so at a Snake Center!

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Aug 24 ,2017

Now You Can Be a Ninja Too! Hands-On with the Shinjuku Ninja Trick House

Ninja refers to a group possessing special abilities who were active behind the scenes of Japanese history approximately 500 years ago.

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