Apr 03 ,2018

How much do you know about the hanami?

Sakura is the symbol of Japan. Sakura is not only beautiful, but it is also very similar to the character of the Japanese, so it has been loved by people for ages.

In recent years, the number of tourists visiting sakura in the spring has been gradually increased.
Before admiring the beauty of sakura, I'd like to ask you all, do you know about the etiquette for hanami?

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Apr 02 ,2018 SERIES

[ Observe the Proprieties for Hanami ]

Spring has already arrived. Then what shall we do in Japan during this season? Yes, that must be hanami. The traditional custom of hanami which is always referring to enjoying the sakura started from the Heian Period, it was said that the nobles at that time had a hobby of reciting poetry while enjoying sakura. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy sakura, but we shall not forget to observe the proprieties for hanami. This time, I will introduce to you such proprieties!

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Mar 30 ,2018

What is popular around the world now? That is seductive bonsai!

Do you know about "bonsai"?
Just like Japanese garden, right? If you think so, it may be not correct.
You may know about it, but I think you do not understand what it does mean on earth. So this time I'd like to deeply introduce to you the relative knowledge about bonsai.

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Mar 29 ,2018

Fish cuisine in spring

Spring comes after winter. Do you know the word ""harutugeuo""? It is the fish that announces the coming of spring. When the weather warms up, flowers will bloom and fish will come back.
Well, this time I will introduce to you the delicious fish cuisine in spring of Japan.

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Mar 29 ,2018

Necessities for otaku?! Itabag!

We often find itabag in the street.
Different people have different types of itabag! Then which type do you have??

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Mar 28 ,2018 SERIES

Flower Viewing

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Mar 26 ,2018

They are actually the ○○?! Japanese unexpected personality

○○ people have such characters〜This argument exists in any country, of course, the Japanese also have their own typical characters. Hardworking? Shy? Polite? Is it true? ? Here let's learn about the real Japanese who are described in the works of Japanese writers!

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Mar 21 ,2018 SERIES

Vernal Equinox

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Mar 19 ,2018


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Mar 16 ,2018

How much do you know about Japanese cuisine made from soybeans?

Do you like soybeans? For Japanese people, soybean is a very important source of protein. In Japanese cuisine, people often use processed soybeans, which are not only delicious but also beneficial to the body.
Well, let me introduce the processed foods made with Japanese soybeans.

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Mar 14 ,2018

We can do much more!? Let's fully enjoy the efficient service of Japanese convenience stores!

Some convenience stores are open twenty-four hours a day and all year round.
In such convenience stores, you can not only purchase a variety of items, but also can enjoy a lot of convenient services!
If you understand these services in advance, that will be of great help to you! Now let me introduce to you the ways to flexibly and effectively enjoy the services of such convenience stores.
Click here to see what you can buy unexpectedly!

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Mar 13 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! EP1 〜Apply for Part-time Jobs by Phone〜

During the one or two years while living overseas, people can enjoy the "life", "learning" and "work" in the way of working holiday. In recent years, many foreigners come to Japan for working holiday (hereinafter referred to as "WH"). In order to earn living expenses during this period, some of them may be puzzled how to find a job.

For those who are disturbed by this, let's learn more about WH through comics!

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