Aug 22 ,2017

Six Full Day Trip Sightseeing Spots Accessible from Tokyo

Here, we will present sightseeing spots you can visit in a day such as Kamakura, Nikko, and Hakone. As they are within a few hours from Tokyo station it'd be a waste to just limit yourself to sightseeing Tokyo while you're in Japan! So why not branch out and take a short trip?

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Aug 20 ,2017

Japan's Largest! One Week Left Until C3AFA TOKYO!

Japan's largest interactive character and hobby culture entertainment event, C3AFA TOKYO, will be held next week on Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27 at Makuhari Messe! What does this event entail?! Let's take a peek into the future!

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Aug 19 ,2017

Do You Know the Difference Between Temples and Shrines?

Classic places that emanate Japanese culture--temples and shrines. While the ambience at both of these spots is relatively similar, did you know that their buildings are completely different? Knowing the differences should make your travels that much more fun!

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Aug 15 ,2017

See, Hear, and Feel! Enjoy Summer in Cool Kyoto!

Hello everyone! Have you ever been to Kyoto in the summer? Although Kyoto is strongly associated with autumn, Kyoto in summer is also highly recommended! Here, we will tell you some spots to help you beat the summer heat.

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Jul 18 ,2017

Make Sure You Know the ABC's of Japan Before You Go! - Train Edition -

"While traveling to a destination in a country different than yours can be fun in many ways, it can also create a lot of problems. And even though Japan is equipped with a fully-accessible public transportation system, things like its rules or fees can be confusing.
Well never fear, aspiring traveler! Here, we'll tell you the ABC's of the train system in Japan!"

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Jun 30 ,2017

Cuteness that just won't stop! What's the perfect social media photo spot in Harajuku?

The St. Valentine Church--the much-talked-about photo spot in Harajuku.

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Jun 27 ,2017

An Amazing View from a Swan?! A Trip to Okayama Castle!

Tucked away in Okayama Prefecture, also known as the "Sunny Country" because of its great weather and lack of rainy days, sits Okayama Castle!

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Jun 26 ,2017

The Special Hot Spot for Japanese Cat Lovers

Japanese anime and manga characters are acclaimed around the world, but did you notice the large amount of cat characters?

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Jun 22 ,2017

When in a Bad Mood...

Has your mood ever taken a sudden bad turn and you wanted to vent off stress but your friends aren't around, or you're low on cash?

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