Mar 12 ,2018

Toilet paper with triangle front-end〜you couldn't do nothing〜

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Mar 10 ,2018

Even Japanese do not know?! Difference between Botamochi and Ohagi.

In Japan, people honor their ancestors during "Ohigan".
Ohigan means the Shunbun in March and Shūbun in September and its former three days and latter three days for a total seven days.

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Mar 09 ,2018

What shall we do when encounter the huge earthquake?

When talking about Japan, people will think of attractions, food, culture ... and so many funny stuffs. However, the "earthquake" may strike Japan from time to time. Whether or not you have ever suffered an earthquake, I would like to introduce to you about the response options in the event of huge earthquake to reduce losses.

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Mar 07 ,2018

Japan's Sakura Blossom Map in Spring and Five Ohanami Resort

Speaking of spring, we must think of sakura.
Many people will come to Japan this season in order to watch the sakura.
Then, I will introduce to you the best time and good scenic spots for ohanamii.

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Mar 06 ,2018

Crow VS Ninja

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Mar 05 ,2018

The correct ways to discard the milk cartons are?

Do you know that the garbage classification in Japan is very strict?
As to the different garbage classification, the ways to drop litter are different.
Well, here I will introduce to you the correct ways to discard the milk cartons in Japan.

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Feb 28 ,2018

A little of knowledge about Momotaro: Why can monkey・pheasant・dog beat the demons?!

Generally we use beans to beat demons.
Then, do you know some knowledge about Momotaro?

Whether at home or abroad, I think Momotaro is a well-known Japanese legend. But maybe some people do not know his story, so this time I will tell you the stories about him.

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Feb 27 ,2018

In 2017, these things are very popular in Japan!

Do you know which products were burglary sold in 2017 for Japanese explosive buying?
In a word, the key word is "substantial".
These popular products have a tendency that they could make your daily life colorful, so that you can spend a comfortable and enjoyable leisure time in your own home.
This time, let's take a look at the hot items in Japan in 2017.

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Feb 26 ,2018

We hope girls can grow up healthily, so the Hinamatsuri emerged as the times require.

On March 3 of each year, the Japanese celebrate a festival which is called "Hinamatsuri".
For the girls' healthy growth, people of families or in the town will take a variety of activities to celebrate such festival. Then, what will do on Hinamatsuri? Let's learn about it together.

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Feb 20 ,2018

Coming the craze for cat!! The charms of Japanese Cat

Now, a craze for cat is set off in Japan. In 2017, it has become a hot topic that the cat owners are more than those who raise dogs. It is also in Japan, there exists some cats called "Japanese Cat". This time, let me give you a detailed explanation of such "Japanese Cat"!

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Feb 17 ,2018 AD

Warm Welcome from OITA-2-

In February, when much of Japan is shivering,
NHK WORLD sets its sights on the country's hot spot for hot springs.
Come along and feel the warmth of the environment and
the people who live there.

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Feb 16 ,2018 AD

Warm Welcome from OITA-1-

Oita Prefecture is located in northern Kyushu,
a region known as the "Gateway to Asia".
It is filled with hot springs (onsen), where visitors soak away
their stress in natural baths. It's also a place where the food
and the lifestyle are close to the land.

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