Feb 14 ,2018

Girls in love are very busy! Valentine's Day!

The chocolate is only given to the people you like on Valentine's Day, is that out of date? !
Let's take a look at the current Valentine's Day!

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Feb 12 ,2018

Analyses of items in the cosmetic bags of Japanese girls!

Cosmetic bag is a necessity for women put on makeup!
Oh, these are the things which the Japanese girls must put into the cosmetic bags?!
This time, we analyzed the cosmetic bag of Japanese women so-called Yamato Nadeshiko!

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Feb 09 ,2018

Five cold-proof countermeasures to ensure you sleep soundly in the winter

Japan is still in cold winter, and it will be some time before the coming spring.
In such long winter nights, I think it is too cold for most people to have a good sleep.
People overseas living in Japan should also pay attention to the cold-proof countermeasures at bedtime I've summarized.

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Feb 08 ,2018

Let's support Tokyo Marathon 2018, one of six World Marathon Majors! You can also enjoy it!

The annual grand gymnastic show, "Tokyo Marathon 2018" will be held on February 25 (Sunday). Then there will be more than 35,000 people running from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Shinjuku) to Tokyo Station (Chiyoda), passing many places of interest of Tokyo.

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Feb 07 ,2018

Moyasu?! Sasu?! The world of Kuyou you do not know.

Do you know the "Kuyou"? "Kuyou" is a Buddhism term, which means praying to gods or souls of deceased person in the manner of offering flowers or other offerings. In fact, in addition to bring offerings to the deceased person, the "object" may also be worshiped in some shrines and temples. As for such offering, I've tried to sort out two kinds of conspicuous offering activities during this period.

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Feb 03 ,2018

Why do Japanese people scatter beans on this day? And what does Setsubun mean?

Scattering beans to drive away the evil shall be performed on February 3, the Setsubun.
Putting up small decorations of sardine and eating beans, it is really strange.
Then why they do such things, let me explain it to you!

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Feb 02 ,2018

Introduce Ehoumaki with manga!

Ehoumaki is a kind of Makizushi eats on Setsubun while facing the lucky direction (the year's lucky compass direction). It contains the meaning of "rolling fortune", which is auspicious and a traditional activity in Japan.

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Feb 01 ,2018 SERIES

Eating beans to drive away the evil!

Speaking of events in February, Valentine's Day must be the most famous festival all over the world, while in Japan, there is also a customary activity similar to the Valentine's Day, the Setsubun. "Setsubun" is on February 3 (the day before the beginning of spring in Japan), and on this day, people will throw the fortune beans to drive away the evil. Why do people do that? This time I will introduce to you the Japanese "Setsubun".

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Jan 26 ,2018

Permanent Collector's Edition ! Useful Japanese Course, part2. Katakana.

Hope for serialization a little earlier!
The theme of ""Useful Japanese Course"" of this time is Katakana.
Have you try to challenge the Hiragana of last time? Then what is the difference between Katakana and Hiragana? And where to use Katakana? From now on, you may become the expert of Katakana !

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Jan 25 ,2018

Catch a cold ? Try Japanese trick of healing !

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Jan 24 ,2018

Japanese Local Ramen Map !

Ramen, the unique Japanese classic food which can be comparable with sushi.
In recent years, the number of ramen restaurant expanding overseas has been increasing very fast and attracting lots of popularity.

However, the charm of Japanese ramen has not been fully transferred to the overseas diners.
In fact, there are many "local ramen" which develop independently throughout the Japan.

This time, let's take a look at the local ramen throughout the Japan.

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Jan 23 ,2018 AD

The sculpture only can be seen in winter!?

Do you know a kind of sculpture that can only be seen in winter?
Let's uncover its beautiful mystery!

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