Dec 26 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : December - Toshikoshi Soba [ Japan Culture Project ]

From around the middle of the Edo period, it became customary in the city of Edo to eat soba on the last day of every month and on Setsubun. That led to the present-day custom of eating toshikoshi soba on New Year's Eve. It can be easily eaten during the busy night of New Year's Eve with wishes for a long and fulfilling life.

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Nov 15 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : November - Sekihan [ Japan Culture Project ]

Since the old days, people have been celebrating "Kamioki" when a child turns 3, "Hakamagi" when a boy turns 5, "Obitoki" when a girl turns 7, expressing gratitude for their children's growth.

[ Event ]
Shichi-Go-San / November 15th

[ Ingredients ]
Red beans, Sticky rice

[ Wishing plate ]
Made to celebrate and with feelings of gratitude for children's growth.

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Nov 09 ,2019

[Report manga] Scorpion, Locust and Goat's OO!? I Tried a Japanese Delicacy Called "Getemono"

The meat you eat in your daily life, such as chicken, pork and beef is common ingredients. But what if they become "crocodiles, goats, rabbits"? In Japan, the food people don't eat but can actually be eaten is called Getemono. It has an eye-popping appearance but is good for health, and is getting more and more attention around the world. This time, I went to "Kome to Circus", an izakaya located in Takadanobaba, Tokyo, to taste this famous "Getemono" of "Japan", the world's far east country!

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Nov 07 ,2019

Konnyaku 4-Frame Manga Daily Lives of Mr. Konnyaku - Part ②

・What is oden?
Oden is a boiled dish originated in Japan.
Various ingredients including konjac are
added into dashi, the soup stock made of
kombu and katsuobushi, and boiled for a long time.
Oden's ingredients and tare sauce are
different according to areas and families.

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Oct 30 ,2019 AD

Hot spot information for Tenjin, Fukuoka; The first rice flour churro speciality shop in Kyushu! "Danny Churros"

Rice flour Churro speciality store ""Danny Churros"" opened its door in the heart of Tenjin, Fukuoka in November 2018.

Danny Churros is a rice flour churro speciality store, a rarity in Japan. The churros are made using domestic rice flour.

The churros are only made once they are ordered, so you can always enjoy them freshly fried.

Since all churros are made as they are ordered you can always enjoy them freshly fried! None of them are pre-made!

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Oct 19 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : October - Bettarazuke, Ebisu-kou [ Japan Culture Project ]

In merchant families, they often pray for prosperous business, and worship Ebisu.

[ Event ]
Ebisuko Bettara-shi / October 20 - 22

[ Ingredients ]

[ Wishing plate ]
A pickled vegetable dish made with daikon, which is harvested in autumn.

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Sep 28 ,2019

Which one will you choose? Turning Japan's most defining dish, Sushi, into a handsome men competition! Part 2!

*Egg Trivia
In sushi restaurants tamagoyaki (fried egg) is called "Gyoku".
Depending on the restaurant, the tamagoyaki's seasoning has many variations going from sweet to salty. Make sure to give it a try!

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Sep 26 ,2019 SERIES

What combination do you like best? 5 delicious ways to eat mitarashi dango!

Dango in general are made by rolling grain powder into little balls with some (hot) water and then steaming or boiling them. The balls are skewered together and served with anko (red bean paste), sauce or various other toppings on them.

One of the most popular dango is mitarashi dango. Mitarashi dango are served covered in a sweet-and-salty soy sauce based dressing and are often seen in tourist hotspots like Asakusa.

I personally love mitarashi dango and I would like to present you with some ways I found that make them taste even better!

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Sep 03 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : September - Tsukimi Dango(Otsukimi), Ohagi(Ohigan) [ Japan Culture Project ]

Otsukimi, "moon viewing", is called the 15th night, and formerly the day of the "feast of moon-watching" in Heian period. People have been enjoying the beauty of the full moon on this day since ancient times. The Heian nobles composed poetry in competition with each other while gazing at the moon. On Ohigan, the night becomes equal to the day in duration, while the Sun rises due East, and sets due West.
According to Buddhism, the azimuth of the setting Sun marked the direction to Sukhāvatī, or the Western Paradise, so this festival reflected the desire for the people's own ancestors' souls to travel there, as well.

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Aug 31 ,2019

Konnyaku 5-Frame Manga "Daily Lives of Mr. Konnyaku"

Title : "Trampoline?"

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Aug 27 ,2019

(Food) Move over tapioca! Popping Boba are here! This new food trend is taking Japan by storm!

Popping boba might look similar to tapioca, but the taste is completely different!
When you bite into a mouthful of boba, the little balls pop open in your mouth, unleashing the sweet juice inside.

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