Sep 28 ,2017

Not Just a Toy Anymore! The Scoop on Japanese Gacha Machines!

Capsule toys' roots originated in America.
Then, in 1965, they were imported into Japan and were called "Gacha gacha" or "Gachapon".

Gacha gacha were installed at places such as video game arcades and shopping centers and became a household name for children due to their cheap price.

However, the winds of change have begun to blow for the Gacha gacha industry!
Let's take a look at what is happening with Japan's Gacha gacha.

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Sep 26 ,2017 AD

Easy Travel Japanese #1 Iidesuka?

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Sep 25 ,2017 AD

TOKYO EYE 2020 Popular Tokyo Spots – Evolved!

You may know popular Tokyo tourist destinations like cat cafes and game arcades, but this time, we'll take a look at spots that are taking those concepts to the next level!

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Sep 23 ,2017

The ABCs of Things to Know Before Visiting Japan - Taxis

Do you use taxis when on vacation? Japanese taxis are both safe and simple!

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Sep 22 ,2017

How to be Popular at Lunch Time!

The scorching heat of summer has calmed to a cool autumn.
Autumns here in Japan are filled with a whole slew of events--athletic meets, picnics, class trips and more!

Your trips outside will skyrocket, and so a bento box lunch will naturally be essential!

We tried making a character bento that will leave you shocked the moment you pop open the bento box lid!

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Sep 19 ,2017

Do you know a Japanese food called “Natto” ?

Natto is a kind of food made from fermented soybeans. You might heard some people said that it is “smelly” or “has an unfamiliar taste for foreigners”. Natto is actually a traditional food in Japan, said that it is full of protein and is very good for your health.

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Sep 17 ,2017

Internet Connectivity in Japan

An internet connection is a necessity for traveling abroad!
What do you use to connect to the internet?
Let's take a look at the main 3 methods.

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Sep 10 ,2017

Get Trendy with Coordinated Support Colors! Break out of Your Plain Otaku Girl Cocoon!

Anime, games, idols... they're not just for the boys! Fans will obviously want to support their favorites! But girls want to be trendy too! These girls have found a way to coordinate their outfits with Support Colors!

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Sep 09 ,2017

A Japanese Romance: Moon-Gazing on the 15th!

The 15th day in the 8th month of the lunar calendar (between mid-September and mid-October of the modern calendar) is called the 15th Night (Juugoya) in Japanese, and is said to have the most beautiful full moon of the year. It is well-known as a great time to enjoy some moon-watching.

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Sep 08 ,2017

Foreign Visitors Speak out About Strange Japanese Customs!

Japan is surrounded by water. This makes it possible for unique customs to develop. ""Why's everyone doing this?"" ""We don't do this back in my country!""
We're going to show you some customs and habits of Japanese people that foreigners visiting Japan found kind of strange.

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Sep 02 ,2017

What Clothes Are Weather Appropriate for September to November?

Japan has four seasons.
September to November is fall in Japan.

It's the coolest, most comfortable season in the year,
and the food during fall is also pretty delicious.

Here, we will help explain what kind of clothes to wear and temperatures to expect in Tokyo for anyone thinking of traveling to Japan during the fall.
Maybe it could take some worries off your mind?

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Aug 30 ,2017 AD

TOKYO EYE 2020 Tokyo DIY

One of Japan's latest trends is DIY: do-it-yourself. From creating your own jewelry to workshops that bring you in touch with fine craftsmanship, we'll visit spots where you can have fun DIY-style.

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