Aug 29 ,2017 AD

A Peak at Nagano

Nagano is known both for inspiring vistas and for simple pleasures like pure water and tasty foods.
Relax and let your senses explore.

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Aug 26 ,2017

The Reason Behind the Custom of Sprinkling Water on the Road in Japan

What's this? An old lady is sprinkling water in front of her house on a hot day.
What in the world is she doing?
Let's see if she'll tell us!

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Aug 24 ,2017

Now You Can Be a Ninja Too! Hands-On with the Shinjuku Ninja Trick House

Ninja refers to a group possessing special abilities who were active behind the scenes of Japanese history approximately 500 years ago.

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Aug 22 ,2017

Six Full Day Trip Sightseeing Spots Accessible from Tokyo

Here, we will present sightseeing spots you can visit in a day such as Kamakura, Nikko, and Hakone. As they are within a few hours from Tokyo station it'd be a waste to just limit yourself to sightseeing Tokyo while you're in Japan! So why not branch out and take a short trip?

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Aug 20 ,2017

Japan's Largest! One Week Left Until C3AFA TOKYO!

Japan's largest interactive character and hobby culture entertainment event, C3AFA TOKYO, will be held next week on Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27 at Makuhari Messe! What does this event entail?! Let's take a peek into the future!

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Aug 19 ,2017

Do You Know the Difference Between Temples and Shrines?

Classic places that emanate Japanese culture--temples and shrines. While the ambience at both of these spots is relatively similar, did you know that their buildings are completely different? Knowing the differences should make your travels that much more fun!

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Aug 12 ,2017

Not Your Typical Bon Festival or Awa Dance! What's the Classical Festival Dance "Yosakoi"?!

Have any of you, our esteemed readers, ever heard of Yasakoi? It's a traditional dance that is very unique to Japan. It has more intensity than a Bon festival dance, and is more dynamic than an Awa-odori dance. Here, we'd like to tell you a bit about this dance.

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Aug 08 ,2017

Simply Amazing! Living Comfortably Alone in a 10 Square Meter Space!

"A room with 10 square meters of space is the norm when living alone in a city in Japan.
However, a room of 10 square meters is way too cramped!
How in the world are people able to live in such spaces?!"

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Aug 07 ,2017

Best wishes for the hot season !

Sweltering heat continues in Japan.
There is a custom to give a hot summer greeting in summer.
This is a greeting from us!

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Aug 03 ,2017

Attention! Bring This With You to Comike!

"The Comic Market is one of the biggest events of the Japanese summer!
It's also known as ""Comike"". Comike takes place on August 11-13 at
Tokyo Big Sight. In the blazing heat, a huge crowd gathers for this
amazingly fun event. Here are some items that you'll need to have a good time!

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Aug 01 ,2017

People from Kanto and Kansai are Different!

"When you think of major cities in Japan, there's Tokyo to the East, and Osaka and Kyoto to the west. Naturally, people of different cultural values and dispositions go hand-in-hand with different places.

Here, we'll cover the differences between residents of eastern and western Japan."

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Jul 31 ,2017 AD

Journeys in Japan/Walking the Nakasendo: A Road to the Past

Nakasendo is one of the 5 highways constructed in Japan during the Edo Period (1603 - 1868). Connecting Edo (old Tokyo) and Kyoto, it has 69 post towns along its way.

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