Jul 25 ,2017

Things that Often Happen in the Summer

"Summer is now in full swing at last!
In Japan, a variety of seasonal summer traditions such as festivals, the ocean, fireworks, and so forth come to mind. Here, we will tell you some things that commonly happen in summer."

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Jul 23 ,2017

A Country of Twins? A Culture of Coordinating Like Twins

"Recently, there's been something strange happening around Mr. Yamada as he commutes to work in downtown Tokyo.

Let's follow a typical day of his..."

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Jul 20 ,2017

A History of 1,100 Years! Let's Go to Kyoto's Gion Festival for Summer in Japan!

In Japan, it just wouldn't be summer without festivals, and while the month of July has many, the most famous and biggest is Kyoto's Gion Festival which boasts a history of over 1,100 years!

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Jul 10 ,2017

What do the Things Japanese People Say at Fireworks Festivals Mean?

Summers in Japan are of course synonymous with fireworks festivals, but when a firework shoots up into the air, there's a unique chant―what is that chant, and what is its origin?

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Jul 06 ,2017

There's More Than One Way to Bow! How to Bow So Japanese Will Compliment You!

Upon visiting Japan, you'll find townspeople lowering their heads to each other. This is called "Ojigi" (bowing). But what significance does bowing have? And when should you do it?

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Jul 03 ,2017 AD

#TOKYO Keyword: Airport

#TOKYO brings you the latest travel information about Tokyo based on social media posts written by experienced travelers.

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Jul 03 ,2017

The Surprising Things You Can Buy at a Convenience Store

Convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and carry almost anything you could ever need! Here, we'll tell you the surprising things available for purchase!

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Jun 25 ,2017

What's Your Preference? How to Categorize Japanese Guys with Condiments

A face featuring small eyes and a flat face and nose is what usually comes to mind when you think of the average Japanese person.

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Jun 23 ,2017

Personalize Your Wish at a Shrine--Offer an Ema Tablet!

Japanese shrines have a mystical corner with tens and hundreds of hanging boards.

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Jun 18 ,2017

Your Gateway to J-Culture! Manga de Japan's Website is Now Open!

Japan fanatics and culture lovers! Welcome to Manga de Japan! Your guide, Madela-chan, is here to tell you everything about our site!

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