Mar 05 ,2018

The correct ways to discard the milk cartons are?

Do you know that the garbage classification in Japan is very strict?
As to the different garbage classification, the ways to drop litter are different.
Well, here I will introduce to you the correct ways to discard the milk cartons in Japan.

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Skin Shedding 

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Mar 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Celebrate the Momonosekku ]

The "Momonosekku" is a spring festival that shall be celebrated on March 3. This festival is also known as the "Hinamatsuri", on this day, people will take some traditional activities such as dressing up dolls or eating special cuisine of Momonosekku to pray for girls'healthy growth and getting happiness. This time, I will introduce to you this "Hinamatsuri".

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Summoning !!

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Unnecessary Signs

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Revenge !

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Feb 24 ,2018

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga!(Character-created Method①)

The types of entertainment include movies, novels, comics, anime, games and so on. But no matter which one it is, if you want to make the story interesting and vivid, you need to master the important key of "character".

So what should be considered when creating a character?
This time let's take a look at the method of character's creation!

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How to Fan

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Feb 20 ,2018 SERIES

Celebration !

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