Nov 23 ,2019

Great Scenery - Red Leaves Viewing Spot Geibikei Gorge & Iwate Park in Iwate Prefecture

In addition to enjoy fall leaves, you can also try your luck!

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Nov 08 ,2019


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Oct 24 ,2019

Five Ways to Enjoy Halloween in Japan!

"Halloween, an indispensable part of autumn, is a celebration that celebrates the fall harvest, commemorate ancestors and drive away the evil spirits. But do you know that Halloween culture is rooted even in Japan far away from Europe?
This time, for those who spend Halloween in Japan or who are interested in Halloween in Japan, I would like to introduce five ways to enjoy Halloween in Japan!"

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Oct 12 ,2019

Special Episode:If you come to Japan, this! 4 recommended Japan souvenirs.

Purchasing souvenirs(omiyage) is one thing quite a bit of people probably look forwared to doing on a trip.
When you buy souvenirs, you can remenice on your trip even after you get home, as well as use it to start conversations with those around you! We would like to introduce you to 4 recommended souvenirs to purchase when you visit Japan.

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Oct 11 ,2019


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Oct 05 ,2019 SERIES

【 To Japan's highest peak! 10 Tips for enjoying climbing Fuji - part1 】

 Mt.Fuji is a mountain that fascinates many people across time and borders. Every year, as many as 200,000 to 300,000 people visit Japan's highest peak. I have always dreamed of climbing to Mt.Fuji, at least once in my life. And this summer, a long-cherished dream has come true, and I climbed to Mt.Fuji on August 17-18th!

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Sep 14 ,2019 SERIES

A Magnificent and Gorgeous Festival! Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

Do you know the festival “Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri” held in Osaka?

Danjiri Matsuri boasts a culture and history of about 300 years, and is held in Kishiwada in southern Osaka. It is said to have its origin in Inari-Sai (Festival of the Grain God), which had been held to pray for a rich harvest of grain. It is one of the most famous festivals in Japan, with its performance full of excellent speed and power attracting tens of thousands visitors come to Kishiwada every year!

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Sep 13 ,2019

:: YOSHITOMO NARA :: Neo-pop Artist ::

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Sep 05 ,2019 SERIES

Experience Japan's summer with all 5 of your senses at the Shoujuin temple in Kyoto.

Right now, Japan's blazing summer is truly beginning! Kyoto, a famous tourism hotspot is known for being one of the hottest places in Japan during summer. But did you know there is a place in Kyoto that lets you experience fun summer traditions while staying cool? Let me introduce you to Shoujuin, a place where you can experience soothing coolness with all 5 of your senses!

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Aug 12 ,2019

:: KEIICHI TANAAMI :: The King of Pop Art ::

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Aug 06 ,2019

Make Authentic Matcha at Home! Recommended Goods of THE MATCHA TOKYO

We have introduced something about the authentic organic matcha cafe named THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO in the previous article.
Click to read Part.1 for your favorite menu and the specialties!

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Jul 14 ,2019 SERIES

Harajuku Memories

This is a manga of a workshop of students of Communication University of China with Manga de Japan.

It is a six-frame cartoon on the theme of "Harajuku" that the students considered. first of all, We proud to present the sixth of 6 wonderful works.

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