Sep 12 ,2019

Beautiful Japanese Style Architecture – Washitsu

We'd like to introduce something about ""washitsu"" this time.
Well, a washitsu is a room unique to a traditional Japanese house. So there is another term for it called nihonma. Today, a Japanese style rooms is also called a washitsu, but it basically refers to a room with tatami mats.

Speaking of washitsu, we should have to mention tatami.

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Sep 07 ,2019

The right yukata for the right time! How to coordinate your yukata, hairstyle and obi!

Summer in Japan means; yukata season!
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when buying or renting a yukata?
So many designs, colors, patterns, not to mention picking the right hairdo, shoes and accessories... how to make the right choices?

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Sep 06 ,2019

Which One is the Most Handsome!? Four Chonmage to Choose

""Chonmage"" is a form of Japanese traditional hairstyle.
It was so strange and unique that the foreigners who came to Japan at the time even thought the Japanese had a gun on their head.

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Sep 05 ,2019

Special Episode:So Many Surprising Customs? Facts About Japanese Schools

In Japanese schools, students do cleaning by themselves and eat the same lunch in the same place, and the school year begins in April.
There are many cultures and customs that are different from your country.

We have written an article on Japanese schools!
Why not read it and compare Japanese school life with your student days!

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Sep 03 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : September - Tsukimi Dango(Otsukimi), Ohagi(Ohigan) [ Japan Culture Project ]

Otsukimi, "moon viewing", is called the 15th night, and formerly the day of the "feast of moon-watching" in Heian period. People have been enjoying the beauty of the full moon on this day since ancient times. The Heian nobles composed poetry in competition with each other while gazing at the moon. On Ohigan, the night becomes equal to the day in duration, while the Sun rises due East, and sets due West.
According to Buddhism, the azimuth of the setting Sun marked the direction to Sukhāvatī, or the Western Paradise, so this festival reflected the desire for the people's own ancestors' souls to travel there, as well.

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Aug 28 ,2019 SERIES

A Japanese game in summer : Watermelon Splitting

Summer is the best season for delicious watermelon. Of course everyone can enjoy eating watermelon in the normal way. However in Japan, There is fun way to eat watermelon called " SUIKAWARI ".

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Aug 24 ,2019

It is a Futon, But Also a Futon That can be Used When We Sit. "Zabuton"

The two kids found something in the closet
after enjoying the comfortable futon in the hotel.
It is square and as soft as a futon.

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Aug 13 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : August - Buddhist Cuisine [ Japan Culture Project ]

Obon festival is a religious ceremony to welcome the ancestors and their spirits as they return to their homes during the festival time.

[ Event ]
Obon(Bon Festival) / Depending on provinces, July 15th (New Bon) on the new calendar or August 15th (Tsukiokure Bon).

[ Ingredients ]
Summer vegetables(cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin etc.)

[ Wishing plate ]
Cuisine without any meat or fish in accordance with the Buddhist precept to not destroy life.

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Aug 10 ,2019

A Japanese flower? Just who is the yamato nadeshiko that often appears in Japanese anime and manga?

Chances are you've heard the term "yamato nadeshiko" or just "nadeshiko" mentioned in regards to anime, manga or games before. But just what type of character does this term refer to?

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Aug 08 ,2019

Beautiful Japanese Style Architecture – Engawa

Have you ever seen a scene like this in dramas or anime?
On a quiet, sunny afternoon, an old lady sits on the Engawa and sips the tea, enjoying the beautiful yard leisurely. Or young people sit on the Engawa, eating juicy watermelon and talking about their summer memories lazily. Exactly the unique scene in Japan!
So let’s learn something about Engawa this time!

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Aug 03 ,2019

Special Episode:It would be more enjoyable to put on the YUKATA! Enjoy the summer in Japan!

The YUKATA is one of the traditional clothes in Japanese style.
It's lively that lots of people are wearing YUKATA at various activities that are held in the summer.
YUKATA is more like a magic cloth which makes women look more pretty and men look more handsome!

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Jul 19 ,2019

Experience the Matcha Making! @THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO

In the last article, I introduced to you a real organic matcha cafe shop called "THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO". If you want to know the specific menu of this store and its unique features, please click to see Part.1!

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